Thursday, March 11, 2010

Google AdSense - The Most Extensively Used Blog Monetization Method!

One of the most extensively used methods of Blog Monetization that get applied on the net is the Google AdSense program. The second one is Affiliate Marketing but lacks the kind of power that this program wields. There are unlimited number of other quality PPC networks such as Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM) MIVA, Mirago MSN AdCenter, Search 123, Findology, etc. that are available; the list is endless. But, what I have seen is that none are anywhere near to the AdSense program. The reason why I put this program on the top of my list is because the money that Google pays per click to you far outnumbers any other similar PPC program.

There are many advocates of AdSense who claim that by using the methods propounded by them piles of money can be accumulated. What they say is that by simply inserting the AdSense code in to your blog you start amassing wealth. Their words are true but partially. Money can be made by this program but not as simply or quickly as alleged by them.

I will like to explain the facts as clearly as possible that I perceive haven't been told before by any of the supporters of AdSense. The revelations that I make will help you to understand what this program actually is and what can it do for you.

It's true that there is no dearth of visitors that are available on the Internet. These millions of visitors that throng the web space are ready to view the content you provide. But, they are by no means not easy targets. The net visitors are made of flesh and blood and they have a brain that can think. Even if you offer some freebie there is no guarantee that the visitors are going to click your ads.

Hands-on techniques which I think will improve your conversion rates:

Apt Banner Placement: You can tempt visitors by placing your banners at the right spots. There are varied sizes, shapes of ads and there are innumerable points where they can be placed. It's matter of picking up the right ones.

Integrating AdSense into your Blog: You can alter the colors, fonts etc. of AdSense Text Ads to match your blogs. AdSense text ads are customizable and by making intelligent changes you can increase your chances of getting your ads clicked.

Google AdSense is by far the easiest way of making money online because it's just a click away.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Are AdSense Templates Really More Practical in Constructing Web Sites?

As it is known, AdSense templates are ready forms of web pages which are designed to be used directly in web site designation. The other important thing in these templates, is that, each template contain a Google AdSense ads.

What are the Google AdSense ads?

It is a short sentence advertises about other web sites, containing a short link to these sites, Google provides you with these ads, and you will gain money whenever your website visitors click on these AdSense.

If you are going to design a web site, then you have two solutions:

The first is to build up the site from the beginning using every graphical technical code. (Note that this solution needs a specialist)

The second solution is to use these templates: it could be considered a complete form of a web site, waiting you to copy your data on its pages. This choice seems to be more logically, but what about making it more attractive, when you are searching about the templates needed for your web site, try to found out templates that having Google AdSense ads coded into the templates, in order to make the advertising process on your website more easily, because these AdSense will do the job of advertising completely by it self without any intervention from you, sure there are many different types of these AdSense, and as it will shown below on this article, the most comfortable type is that which you can modify its content to advertise about your own products for example.

What about the prices?

You will found that these templates with all these above-mentioned benefits are very cheap compared to the costs that you will pay for setting a designer to establish your web site, each template will cost you about one dollar or less, and some times you may get some packages of templates for the same price.

At the end I would like to illustrate the difference between the high quality templates which you will pay for it, and the free low quality templates:

The high quality templates considered being the best for many reasons; I will mention some of them:

-these templates are easy to be modified: there is a term called "a clean HTML code" that the designers used to describe such programs that are working correctly even after changing any thing on it. Similarly, these templates could be considered to be "a clean HTML code" because you could change anything on the templates AdSenses such as advertising about your own product and you will found that the template still working properly.

-another advantage of these high quality templates, is that you will be assured that these templates are well-designed and carefully tested for any expected unwanted problem, also these templates will be provided by some help advices which will show you how to add your Google AdSense ad, how to modify a template, also how to increase your income from Google AdSense, etc.

- The last thing I want to refer to is that the graphic headers of the format of the template should be in the psd format (referring to Photoshop), So you can modify it to include your website's name and Logo.

In the other hand, the free and low quality templates are opposing the high quality templates on its properties, meaning that:

-if you tried to modify on such a template, it will not going to work properly, because these templates were designed using ready forms of Photoshop images.

So, at the end it could be said: "AdSense templates are really more practical in constructing web sites, but be careful when you are going to pick up your templates".

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