Friday, January 27, 2006

Adsense - Get the Clicks

Have you ever wondered why CTR(Click-Through Rate) varies? For beginners, let me take a minute to say that Google measures the success of your Adsense campaign by means of finding out the percentage of impressions of your webpage that results in the ads being clicked. This is called the CTR.

Well, one reason for CTR varying is the relevance of the ads with respect to your site content.

That is the prerogative of you as a webmaster. But there is one more aspect, that you should learn to improve your CTR. That is the placement of the right ad at the right place.

What does this mean? Take a look at this. The reddest block is the most readily looked at part by the visitor. Accordingly, placing an ad there would get you more clicks.But do you tend to believe it as such? I do not. This is because, your site, in the long run should be made in such a way that you could solely focus on building content rather than keep working for traffic. What impression would it create on a visitor if you were to place an ad right in front of his face? Do you think he would return? The answer is simple. No, he will not.

But, that is the place that will get the clicks readily. And you should also make way for returning traffic. There is one way you could do this.This way, the visitor will, no doubt, realize that you have placed an ad in front of him. But still not be disturbed to the extent of not returning back.

This is the classic case of having your cake and eating it too.

Let me explain how it is done. First and foremost, you need to revamp the colors on your Google ad. For my case, I take the example of my webpage with a white background and black text. To make your ad merge into your content, set the background as white, Title and content text as black and border also to white. Preview the ad. Doesn't it look much like your page?

Now, set the font in your page to Arial.This is very important as the Googls ads appear in this font and you do yourself good if your prime content is also in the same font. Now the stage is set to place your ad on your page and make it look at one among your other content.

But, there is more that you could do. Look at the ads that are between 120 and 180 pixel widths. These are the ads that you need to place at the red hot area. Only thing that you need to do is rephrase your prime page content in such a way that you could put in a few of the content that you need to say point-wise, preferably linking each of these points to another related page.

Finally, what you need to do is put some paragraphs, and then a couple of pointwise written contents, and insert an ad just below this, following it up with a few other points. When this is done effectively you could have a series of points all of the same width and linking it to other pages. And there in between you would also have some of your ads. Believe me, this does not irritate the visitor, though the 'Ads by Goooogle' is visible. This is because, the visitor is able to see many more related links,and who knows,he might end up clicking the more relevant ad on your page.

Anand Srinivasan is a niche market webmaster and a part-time blogger. Visit his blog Nice-Ideas.BlogSpot.Com for more such articles

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