Friday, January 27, 2006

Kids Shutting Down Adsense Accounts - Are You At Risk?

My son is 3 and is quickly mastering the internet. At the rate he's going, he's soon going to have his own blog! But the other day I was caught off guard when I noticed he had found his way to my website. Practically breaking my wrist to stop his click madness, I then realized just how easy it would have been for him to start clicking on my Adsense ads. Thankfully I was able to stop him before he did, because if I had turned away for a second - I'm sure he would have delivered a fateful click.

I got to thinking about it, did a little research, and found that nobody seems to be talking about it - at least not enough. I have often heard of people scratching their heads wondering why their Adsense accounts and other types of ad network accounts were shut down and have to wonder how many of them have kids which may have played a role. Google has no way of telling whether it's you clicking on the ads or your child, and since it is against their terms for you to click on your own ads - you can bet your account will be shut down accordingly.

Prevention and careful monitoring are key in making sure your toddler doesn't go click-crazy on your ads. Here are some tips:

- Download a different browser just for them which contains no access to your bookmarks or site links. Fill it with child friendly bookmarks and emphasize that it is your child's own "special browser" so they will have less desire in using yours.

- Make sure your browser, email and other "access points" are closed or hidden away when the child is playing games.

- Check the location bar in your browser. If you have urls saved there, this can be easy access to any of the sites you've visited including your own. Clean it out, and if possible, adjust your browser settings to disable saving this information.

- Clear the history cache every time before your child uses the computer.

- Don't leave any shortcuts on your desktop that offer easy access to pages you want to keep your child away from.

- If your browser offers settings or filters for blocking access to web sites - use them. You can always turn them back on later.

- Don't leave the computer unattended with your child around. They are quick and sneaky when they want to be.

- Don't underestimate your child. They know more than they let on.

- Toddlers and small children should be monitored at all times on the internet, not just because of accidental ad clicks, but to make sure they avoid dangerous and adult content which is a parent's worst nightmare.

Good luck with your little clickers!

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