Saturday, March 11, 2006

The mantra for professional blogging

New Delhi: We live in a world where anybody can blog. But there's a difference between an amateur blogger and a professional blogger.

The first step towards a professional blogging experience is to move away from the pack - buy a domain name. This will give you an address like

The good news is that this exclusivity comes at a price that does not pich the pocket. You can get one for as little as Rs 500 a year.

But you also have to spend some money to buy your own little piece of the web. It is called web hosting. Through web hosting, one can gain access to the server and all it's nifty features like comprehensive visitor statistics.

Also, check out for a way of adding basic statatistics to your existing blog.
Now, you can either set up your existing account with your brand new domain and hosting or you can go a step further by installing the blogging software on your own machine.

These include software like wordpress or movable type, which are available free.

What's most interesting is that you can also rake in some moolah through your blog.

How? It's simple - by allowing Google Adsense to sell advertising on your blog. Although you have no control over the ads, but Google usually assigns ads based on what you're writing.

But the most important part about blogging is 'what you write'. And that's something you'll have to figure out.

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