Thursday, March 02, 2006

My First Experiences With Google Adsense

My first experiences with the Google Adsense program started this past year when I carefully moved my website to another top name webhosting company. The last pompous company that hosted my site severely restricted the use of outside advertising, accordingly my move was both from a monetary standpoint as well as about having the ability to freely use PHP, CGI and other website wizardry.

At first there was very little, if any, revenue from Google Adsense, but as I learned more about ad placement, border color, and sizing, my income has gradually begun to climb. I've also been blessed with a steady rise in traffic that has also helped increase my Google Adsense earnings. The only drawback that I have incurred is the low cost-per-click ads that the particular content of my site appears to draw. I still continue to experiment with ad placement, border colors, ad sizes, as well as many other creative ways to enhance my profits.

I was recently surprised when one of my website visitors emailed me to say that he was offended by one of the ads on my site. Of course, I could tell immediately he was not concerned by how these ads created an immediate source of income for me, he was only upset by the beliefs this particular ad was disseminating across the great World Wide Web. I could understand this and promptly filtered out the aberrant domain.

Lately I've made use of the channels Google provides when creating many of my content ads.

These are especially useful if you want to know which websites are producing clicks and which are just setting there idle. One site in particular was getting zero clicks with only a few impressions daily, so I changed the index page to my resource page that included a Google Adsense header and it immediately began producing clicks. Obviously many of my visitors were not moving beyond my home page to my resources, therefore I altered my resource page to become my index page and it is now producing.

My next exploration with Google Adsense comes in the form of blogs. I just joined a webhost that permits unlimited domains, so that I could assemble a large array of niche blogs. These seem to be the latest craze in adsense income along with other affiliate programs. Thus the latest term “blog farms.” Here I will begin building WordPress blogs that I've found to be a fairly easy content management system. Many state that the best place to create your income-producing blog is There are many reasons given for this by so-called adsense experts. But this will be reserved for another article at another time. So this is my next big adventure with Google Adsense, one in which I hope will begin to bring the massive checks that we all enthusiastically read about, one in which we all hope will become our own experience in the not too distant future.

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