Friday, March 24, 2006

The Sensible Way To Earn Money With Google AdSense!

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Google AdSense has rapidly gained a status of anindependent online business model. Many averagepeople with a little knowledge of HTML are earninga fortune with AdSense.

The AdSense comes under the category of "pay per clickaffiliate" programs. This means you get paid whensomeone click on the ad which resides on your website.

There are many reason for the success of the AdSenseprogram. The very first reason is it is launchedby Google, the leaders of Search Engines. Afterestablishing themselves in the crowd of Search Enginesthey had a crown of credibility with them.

The second reason for the popularity lies in the fact thatGoogle is not concerned about the amount of traffic youare getting to your website.

They are more concerned about content. If the contentis really good your site will generate visitors over aperiod of time. This is unlike many other pay per clickaffiliate programs, which have a condition on the numberof visitors you are getting per day, before your applicationgets approved.

This creates an interesting situation for onlineentrepreneurs. The more the traffic they generate totheir site, the more is the possibility to get theAdSense ad clicked and they get paid.

Now Google also benefits from this. Since AdSense ads arenothing but the same ads from the Google AdWords accountholders, Google charges the AdWords account holder ofthat particular ad which is being clicked and paysa small portion to the webmaster on whose website theAdSense ad resides.

The amount which Google charges the AdWords accountholder and pays the AdSense account holder is determined entirely by the online popularity of the given "keyword"for which the ad was written by the AdWords account holder.

This is where the real opportunity has come up for onlinenewcomers. Most people put a lot of energy in finding"high paying" keywords or simply purchase a databaseof "high paying keywords", create a small website aroundthe keyword, put AdSense code in it and start generatingtraffic which might click on the ad and expect to get paidhigh.

But here is the real kicker! The amount which you getpaid is dependent of 5 different factors. Some of thefactors are out of the control of the webmaster (you).

For example if a keyword phrase pays something around$14 to $15 per click. Most people think that even if theyget a 1% click through rate, that is 1 person clicks out of 100 visiting their website, Google will put $14 in my account.Yes it's true, but not always!

The amount which you get paid, depends on which ad gets shownon your website. The ad which gets shown on your websiteis dependent upon the relevancy and lot more otherfactors.

The true success with AdSense lies not on targeting only"high paying" keywords, but with focusing on creatinghighly informative content and getting repeat visitors.Google loves content. If you provide it on your websiteyou will automatically get more visitors and increasethe possibility of high click through rate which leadsto more income to you and Google.

So, learn to build traffic first and then fine tune yourwebsite with AdSense script to start earning immediately.The true success with AdSense is with generating contentrich pages and attracting traffic. "High paying keywords"is a secondary factor with AdSense

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