Friday, March 03, 2006

Setting your Adsense Money Target

One question I always like to ask a new webmaster is if he makes money from Adsense. Ofcourse, most of them these days atleast have it on their site just for the sake of having it. But are they really making money is the question.

Let me tell you, getting a click now and then is not enough. This is because, Google pays you only when you reach $100 and that is a lot of money if you consider the amount you get paid for one click. So, webmasters who have Adsense ads on their site just because everyone else does it are really doing a favor to Google by providing them space to advertise for FREE!

So, if you are a kind of webmaster or a blogger who wants to make real money from Adsense, what is it that you need to look at? Two things in fact. First your Adsense target and the Second, deadline date by which you want to get that money. Because, this two can set you to plan the traffic numbers and the kind of traffic that you need to have.

Let me take a hypothetical case. Suppose you plan to reach the minimum payout exactly in time for the first payout date from now, then your target is $100 in one month. Quite an ambitious task, I tell you for a beginner, but certainly not a utopian task.

Google forbids webmasters from disclosing the money they make. So, here I choose a hypothetical value of 25 cents per click. Trust me, Google most often pays you better than this. But I choose to show you the hard road.I will perform some simple mathematics now.

Target in mind : $100 per month = $3.33 per day = 333 cents per day.Amount per click : $0.25 Hence, clicks per day : 333/25 = 14 clicks(approximately)

So, you require 14 clicks per day to get you to the target. Sounds easy or tough? What does it take you to get to those click numbers. The Click Through Rate has been on an average found to be 1 in every 100. With that kind of a ratio, you would need 1400 impressions per day to reach per day.

That, I know looks daunting. But there are certain things to remember. For example, your Click Through Rate might also go upto something like 5% or the amount you earn per click might also be in dollars. All that depends on the kind of ads served on your site, which in turn depends on your site content.

So,as of now, making the above calculation is important. This will help you set yourself a benchmark on a daily basis by which you can compare your daily performance. However, do not change strategies on a daily basis as well. Your revenues tend to fluctuate a lot,and your strategies should always follow the longterm pattern.

Anand Srinivasan is a Software Engineer and a part-time webmaster. Visit his blog at for more such articles.

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