Friday, May 12, 2006

Blog Adsense Affiliates: How They Use Articles Creatively

The secret weapon behind the awesome success of many Blog Adsense affiliates has to do with their articles or the way in which they use their content creatively to market themselves.

There is little doubt that bloggers are the kings of marketing with articles and this ability is the real reason behind the phenomenal success that many Blog Adsense affiliates currently enjoy.

Creative bloggers are the ones who came up with the concept of link-baiting articles which at its' best can attract hundreds of high traffic links to a blog within a few short hours. Amazing when the rest of us spend a fortune and many months trying to nurture and build just a dozen links pointing at our sites. Blog Adsense affiliates use link-baiting to court controversy or to provide a valuable resource that other bloggers will want to link to.

The increased traffic that results from link-baiting articles usually has a major impact on the blog Adsense affiliates' earnings from both the Adsense program and other affiliate programs.

Little wonder that many blog Adsense affiliates have seen traffic to their blogs increase in leaps and bounds. Imagine the impact of generating just one link-baiting article every week. That is the reason why many blog Adsense affiliates remain very much ahead in terms of earnings.

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