Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Adsense Wealth Empire: An Emperor Without Clothes?

Reviewed by Nicholas Dixon

What is the Adsense Wealth Empire?

Adsense Wealth Empire is a revenue generating toolset that claims to provide the knowledge and guidance for anyone to create their own Adsense empire.

Who developed Adsense Wealth Empire?

Roy Oron and Maayan Marzan developed the Adsense Wealth Empire. Both guys are fairly unknown online but they provide evidence of making a million dollars a year with Adsense from search engine traffic.

What will you get?

Adsense Wealth Empire come with 50 professional videos called The Blueprint that includes profit boosting tips plus other Adsense techniques. You will also receive 5 top of the line software tools which includes:

1) A content generator: A powerful tool that allows you to obtain fresh content off the fly.

2) A website generator: An awesome tool that takes your keywords and content and build search engine friendly websites. You will love this one.

3) A link builder: This tool is used to find link partners for your website link directory

4) A niche finder tool: It allows you to search many levels deep for keywords in any niche you want plus you can also use it to dig deep into any related keywords

5) A keyword tool: This allows you to easily manage the keywords you have and to even split them up if you have 100’s of keywords working with plus other great features.

Each of the above mentioned software was built specifically for Adsense Wealth Empire and each of them are worth the price of the package alone. For example, the developers have sold the link builder with fewer capabilities to Fortune 500 companies for years.

What are the Features/Benefits of using Adsense Wealth Empire?

Adsense Wealth Empire uses white hat marketing techniques that are compatible with the guidelines set out by the search engines. In fact the program does not:

a) Use hidden text or links

b) Use cloaking or redirects

c) Create pages of irrelevant words

d) Create pages with duplicated content

Who should use Adsense Wealth Empire?

The program can be used by anyone to create a source of income via Adsense although it involves some advance techniques. Because it is rather expensive for an Adsense product, many potential users will balked at its asking price. This is good as it gets rid of the tire kickers and doubters.

One good thing about AWE is that you are making money from a source that is free to join plus you are getting free traffic from search engines. Adsense Wealth Empire is a serious program for those who are serious about increasing their income and are prepared to work for it.

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