Thursday, August 17, 2006

Adsense Trickles: The Way Up Unto Torrential Adsense Earning

by Aderemi Ojikutu

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article on Fomular for Traffic and Income Explosion. I could not hold my excitement when two of my students went 'gaga' to town and begun to put into practice what I taught in that article. They each have a testimony of trickles of Adsense earnings in Ten days. Testimonies that thousands of adsense publishers did not have at the inception of their Adsense career. Consistent application of this Fomula can turn their trickles into Torrents of traffic and Adsense income.

Today I just want to share their infant or tender testimonies of the result of some ten to twelve days with you.

These two chaps went ahead and created a freely hosted blog each on and immediately began implementation of fomula COTI. As a reminder, COTI means Content plus Optimization leading to Traffic culminating in Income. They were able to post original content of five articles per day, today they have about 50 to 60 indexed pages on their sites. Within 5 days of submitting to the Big 3s search Engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN); they began to attract targeted traffic to their sites Google and MSN searches. From 3 hits per day they are now averaging a trickle of 20- 27 visitors daily. 80% of these visitors arrived by searches through Google and MSN, while the about 20% came via blogger search. They also noted that articles published 4 days ago, was already indexed by Google and already driving their own independent targeted traffic!

Now the more interesting aspect of their testimonies is that, for seven to eight days running now, there were at least 2-3 clicks per day on their adsense-optimized pages. Daily earnings have fluctuated at a trickle of 60 to 85 cents daily. These are powerful results if it can be sustained and consolidated, particularly for a sub domain weblog that that are less than 20 days old!

For a newbie, this is a dramatic development, given that several thousands of adsense publishers never hit the $100-Dollar mark in their first four to six months.

When I interviewed them yesterday, they confessed to me that the greatest or hardest task of all is the article writing. But when they began to see the reward of trickles of cents growing into dollars, the pain of raking their brain to produce original articles for their blogs was after all, yielding fruits.

My conclusion from their infant experience and testimonies is that, the age-old truth of COTI will produce in the hand of even a novice, if strictly adhered to. Their single website would in no time if these youngsters remain consistent, begin to earn an average of $300 within the next 4-6 months. Imagine with their growing confidence and expertise they now have 5 more sites with mettle in 5 niche areas?

I hope to share with us in my next article, God willing, the secrets of how to leap from an average of $300 monthly adsense income to a kilo adsense earner. This is the secrets operated by the Calacanis, Shoemoney, Joelcomm, Chris Knights of the Adsense world.

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