Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How to Boost Your Ad sense Earnings with Click Fraud

by Nicholas Dixon

Everywhere you turn there are countless tips and tricks on how to boost your Ad sense earnings. Some tips are available for free while others are sold from a few to couple thousand dollars. While most are white hat techniques there are also some sly ways to increase your Ad sense income.

While Google is serious about click fraud, there are publishers who have done it successfully. There are bots and softwares that can simulate clicks and in some countries, low paid workers are busy clicking away on profitable ads.

These people are either very smart or stupid depending on how you look at things and I will show you how one guy uses this strategy.

He works in an organization in which he has access to 19 computers all networked and hooked up to a high speed internet connection. He builds dozens of Ad sense sites, all hand built and optimized. These websites are essentially built to produce the maximum returns on his efforts.

His revenues at first were paltry and he thought about ways to increase his CTR. Most of the tips he had read about did not seem to be working and he was about to throw in the towel when he had a moment of insight. What if I click on my own ads?

A click or two on your own ads may make you money but since Google records the IP address, the chances of getting flagged are dangerously high.

He figured that if he use all 19 computers to randomly click his ads, then he stands a much better chance of making this work. So he goes about studying how Google displays their ads so that every time he clicks he is getting the top bid for the particular keyword.

Now you may be wondering is this profitable? Take a look at this scenario and decide for yourself. Each blog he builds are in niches that some Adwords bidders pay up to $54 for a single click! While he may not earn that much per click, the chances for him being credited $1 to $10 are very realistic.

Now imagine dozens of sites with the potential to make dollars a click and the picture gets clearer. If each time he clicks he earns $5 and he uses 10 of those computers to do so that’s $50 in the bag. Multiply $50 a day times 20 working days a month and that’s a cool $1000.

It’s plain to see that individuals can easily generate hundred dollars a month through click fraud. And let’s not forget that other persons may be legitimately clicking the ads which further boosts his income. While Google is increasingly vigilant against click fraud, people are finding ways to work around them.


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