Friday, September 08, 2006

Cody Moya's - Reviewed

by John Peck

This is a review of the new membership site, AdSenseTemplates, created by Affiliate Marketing Guru Cody Moya.


There are many ways to make money on the internet: Affiliate Marketing, Creating Membership Sites, Selling your own products or services, creating informational websites that drive advertising revenue.

It doesn't matter which model you choose, but you must be committed and apply yourself in order to achieve success. The competition is fierce and most new comers will quit before making any real money. The real success stories come from individuals who preserver and learn the necessary techniques required to stay in business.

Making Money with Informational Websites

Over the past few years, many individuals have made a fortune creating informational websites. The key to these site's success is based on the following factors:

Content that visitors are looking for Content that search engines rank high in their search results Advertising! When I say success, I'm speaking of the revenue generated by that site on a monthly basis. Without advertising, there is no revenue--unless your promoting a product or services.

In the PPC industry, you should be aware by now, that Google's AdSense is the king--producing over $8 billion in revenue last year. There are other players out there, but for the new web entrepreneur, Google's Adsense program is the easiest and highest paying.

But how can you truly tap into this huge market? If you're just starting out, creating your own content can be very time consuming. Not to mention, you have to still understand the niche market you want to exploit. I say exploit not in a negative sense. You goal is to provide content that others want, so you need to exploit their need for information. In this sense, you're providing information in exchange for potential revenue.

So what is next? Well you have two options:

1) Build your own site

*This entails hours or research on keywords that are underserved

*Writing or finding free content to include on your site

*Building you site

*Optimize your site for the search engines

*Promote your site

2) Become a member of where everything is provided to you month after month.

Building a business on the internet is work. You might be a special individual that can do all the work associated with option 1 (Building Your Own Site), but if you're looking to jump start your online venture, the better option is to have someone else do the work for you. I say work smarter, not harder!

Introducing Cody Moya's AdSenseTemplates

Cody Moya's AdSenseTemplates are designed to be the quickest way for you to build your own AdSense Empire. The templates are created with unique rich content that is already Search Engine Optimized (SEO). The only thing left for you to do is to add your AdSense publisher ID, upload your newly created niche site to your host, and then promote your site.

I'm assuming by now that you've already done some searching on the web for products or services such as Cody's AdSenseTemplates. What makes AdSenseTemplates better than the others? For one, the offering is much greater than anything else already available. Secondly, becoming a member will entitle you to fresh new templates every month. After only a few months of using AdSenseTemplates, you can have your very own Adsense Empire generating hundreds or thousands in revenue each month. It all depends on you though and how committed you are to creating a profitable business.

Creating niche websites does not guarantee you success. There are techniques and strategies that are required. But guess what, Cody provides all this valuable information for you. There is no need to spend hundreds on different ebooks and courses that contain the secrets to this revenue model. Cody Moya's AdsenseTemplates is the one stop shop for starting and building your online business. Even if you're an experienced site content builder, AdSenseTemplates can help you expand and boost your monthly revenue with ease.

So enough of this introduction, let's review the complete offering from Cody's AdsenseTemplates:

Here is what you get when you sign up:

* 400 AdSense templates including

* 100 AdSense websites with private label articles ready embedded (almost all websites are 10 pages, which means you will be receiving approximately 1,000 pages of private label articles/content per month)

* 1,000 private label articles

* 100 Blogger templates

* 100 WordPress templates/themes

* 100 XSitePro templates

* Access to videos and articles revealing the very latest tips on AdSense, Google, Blogs, Search Engines and more!

*Access to 23 FREE bonus items you can use to earn even more AdSense profits ... faster!

If you're looking to quickly build your own online business, harnessing the power of Google's Adsense and Cody Moya's AdSenseTemplates will get you on your way faster and easier than building your sites from scratch.

To continue reading the review and to see samples sites I created in a matter minutes, please continue to the full review at

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