Friday, September 22, 2006

The Death Of Adsense - The Fat Lady Sings For Adsense Publishers

by Brian Casey

Since 2003, many thousands of website owners have been making incomes ranging from a few dollars a month to five figure sums per month - with Google's contextual advertising program - which is called Adsense.

During that same period, many Internet Gurus have made substantial profits by producing and marketing programs telling people how to monetise their website traffic by putting Adsense on it.

Adsense revenues, which are derived from advertisements placed under the Google Adwords program, are shared between Google and the Adsense Publisher ... the website owner - up to now a nice cosy and profitable arrangement for both parties.

Google has been cautious about revealing the ratio of payout to the publishers for Adsense clicks compared to the amount that the advertiser pays for the Adwords - and Publishers will get banned by Google if they openly disclose details about their account ... but the feeling among many Adsense Publishers is that the percentage has been dropping steadily over the past three years - if you are a number cruncher, you may try to interpret the financial data from Google itself here:

In the past there was only one price for Adword keywords, whether they appeared in Google Search results or as Adsense Ads on individual Adsense Publishers websites - that was fine as an Adsense Publisher might get, say $3 from a click for a $5 Adword - remember nobody knows exactly how much the Adwords advertiser paid for each click because Google will not tell!

Individual websites that publish Adsense are known as Google's content network.

On 22 November 2005 Google made a change to their Adwords advertising program - they allowed advertisers to bid different amounts for the Ads that would appear in Google Search results and for the Ads that would appear on individual Adsense Publishers websites.

So an advertiser might bid $5 for a click from Google and 5 cent for a click from an Adsense Publisher in the content network ... Ouch if you happen to be that Adsense Publisher!

Is it the end of the road for Adsense Publishers?

Is there life after Adsense?

What can Adsense Publishers do to make up for the drop in revenues?

Is it possible to make much more from your website than you were making with Adsense - maybe this was a blessing in disguise!

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