Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Retails and AdSense - Can They Live Together?

by Joel Comm

Most of the people making big money with AdSense do it by filling pages with quality content and by blending the ads into the text. But that's not how everyone makes money online. Plenty of people use their sites to sell goods and services, and they wonder whether it's appropriate to put ads on those pages.

It's a fair question.

If you've built a site to sell your hand-made sweaters, you don't really want ads for other clothing products on your pages. You want people to come to your site and buy your clothes. If they don't want to buy your sweaters, then they should be at another site buying CDs or whatever they're looking for.

But that doesn't mean that a publisher who uses a site to sell stuff can't make money with AdSense. They just have to be a bit more careful about the pages on which they put their ads.

For example, I've got a bunch of sales pages to promote my books. Even though I think AdSense is the best, I don't have an ad unit on any one of them. That's not how I want those pages to generate revenue.

But I do have ad units on the pages about those products, and there's a big clue to how someone can both make money out of selling... and out of advertising.

Do you see what I'm talking about?

Create other sites that talk up the type of products you sell, and put ads on those pages.

The person selling handmade sweaters, for example, could have a great site that promoted her products. But she could also have other sites that talked in general about knitting, working from home, finding designs and all sorts of other topics related to her products. Each of those pages would have links to her sales site. But they could also have AdSense units promoting knitting needles, home office equipment, designs and all sorts of other relevant items that she doesn't sell.

As she promoted those sites, she'd get higher sales, better page ranking for her sales site and revenue from her ads.

Every business should have more than one revenue stream. Used smartly, AdSense can give even the owner of a retail site an easy way to sell more and earn more.

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