Thursday, October 26, 2006

Are You Making Enough Money with Google Adsense?

by Anandrahi

People are crazy to know the art of making money with their Google Adsence ads. Many persons say they are making good money, others say they are not making enough. A large number of people agree that they can't even meet their monthly internet bill. Dream of making good money is a far cry for them. What is the truth, and what is the conclusion, then?

People rarely want to listen to the truth because it is mostly bitter. They love to enjoy the sweet fragrance of future dreams, tall promises of high gains. This is the only reason that the wily businessmen or webmasters who are ready to befool them, often rake big money.

1. Difficulties of a Common Individual

All blog or article sites promising huge earnings at their site with Adsense sharing actually fool you as much as they are able to. If you are writing for self-expression and simultaneously want to meet a small ratio of your expenses then the idea of writing in Adsense-driven blogs is good. But in case you expect big money you will land up in the asylum of broken hearts. If you really want to make big money first you need to digest the harsh truth behind all that big money making fiasco.

2. Who Makes Money?

The professionals who have experience, and know the inside story as well as the tools to serve their purpose. Such professional writers have learnt the technique by spending tons of perspiration and business acumen. Only they are able to make healthy money to meet their expenses. But the path is long and torturous for a new comer. A new entrant is surrounded with all types of clever internet sharks ready to pounce and drink his blood.

3. Too Much Writing and Shattered Hearts

To earn more many new writers work like a crazy machine and write day and night, and paste in several blogs at one or different sites. They think they will be able to beat many and earn a good amount of Adsense sharing. Toiling for a long time they exhaust themselves soon. They are still unable to earn much even after tons of efforts. Consequently they have to bang their heads with the wall of frustration.

4. The Adsense Clicking Drama

Thousands of Adsense accounts get banned for life every monthy due to the clicking drama initiated by three factors:

A). Frustration of not earning enough money forces many persons to click on their own ads. Sometimes such persons take the help of friends and mutual clicking becomes the norm. Google baby gets angry and shoot down the account for ever. Accounts of your family members too are banned. One thing is sure: Google hardly listen to any one. No high court, no supreme court to listen to your pleas. B). Many persons are just careless and don't want to read or understand any Google policy and click their own ads to make quick bucks. Google open its merciless jaws and snatch their timely happiness. C). Then there are persons who know the rules but in a fit of anger they lose the balance of their mind and hit the Google ads like a hammer to take revenge from someone. Consequence: both the accounts are forced to down their shutters for life. Many innocents are hit by the cool minded criminals by this way. And as Google is blind it can't see your innocence.

5. The Google Wisdom

Intoxicated by big success, large business empires become somewhat blunt to customer care. It is that sensitive part which is hit hard by some competitors but the emperors don't digest the truth easily. And when the magnum opus of the bitter-truth of customers-dissatisfaction finally dawns on a business empire it is often too late. And a new unknown competitor suddenly overtakes them like a thunderbolt.

Business history is filled with such examples. Google must wake up fast and start giving better dealings to millions of bloggers and website owners. If you ignore them you are keeping one business eye closed. But for how long? Google must set up a special customer care department which should do justice and help the victims, not the criminals.

6. Wisdom for a Common Blogger

a) Reads the terms and conditions of Google Adsence while signing an account. If you forget easily then write the main points in your diary.

b) Never expect to earn too much from Google Adsence alone. Nobody has become rich barring the examples of some highly professional and very shrewd web businessmen.

c) Three are hundreds of other methods of earning money at internet if you keep your eyes and ears open.

d) In case you are unable to earn due to too much competition on internet then take tuitions of neighborhood children. You will earn much more in a month than the Adsence will give you in two years.

e) Basically write for fun of it, not for dollars.

IMPORTANT: See your Adsense account only after a week or two otherwise weak-hearted persons may land up in a nearby hospital after unbearable accumulation of daily shocks. (Who thinks, I am just kidding....?)

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