Saturday, October 14, 2006

Some Hidden Facts Of Adsense Which No One Will Tell You

by Arvind Katoch

Adsense is a service started by Google to catch hold of advertising on the net. It allows Google to put ads on various websites and in return Google share its revenue with the websites. Google pay the websites as per the clicks and value of ad. Usually Google pay its website friends $ 0.1 to $ 100 on per click depending on the value of ads on that site. Therefore, it becomes a beneficial program for both website owners and Google. Website owner get some money and Google get reach to more number of customers for their advertisers.

All this made Google Adsense a hit program among web developer. Many websites emerged from nowhere only to earn from this program. Few bloggers like problogger, used this program but the ordinary bloggers are mostly not able to get benefit from it. Google tried to help bloggers by allowing Adsense on (a Google blooging site). Then nearly a year back it comes the time of webblog sites which allowed ordinary bloggers to put their Adsense on these sites. First one is which put forward the formula of 50-50 i.e. 50% time blogger’s Adsense will be displayed and rest 50% time of

Many people rushed towards these sites, including me for major gains. Initially, many people earned few big chunks but at the end it was fund that most of it was a click fraud. Today, more and more sites are coming which are allowing more share to bloggers, even up to the tune of 90%. Now the major question is that it should have increased the earning of ordinary bloggers. However, many bloggers including myself, who are blogging on more than ten of these sites but are still not able to see any big money following in. Here is a big catch because most of the things are either over calculated or over emphasized by the websites.

For earning a handsome money from Adsense people require a good number of visitors, in the tune of thousands visitors per day. For a ordinary blogger it is not possible to reach this number even he write for many years, whereas the site which is allowing you to blog is getting it in months. For example, if a site has 100 bloggers and each blogger gets 100 visitors, then the site is getting 10000 visitors. You may question that with regular blogging you can increase the number of visitors to webblog then a simple answer is that most of old writings got dump among the entries of hundered other bloggers.

90% visitor earner entries are only new ones and 10% visitors come through your old entries. Therefore it is nearly an impossible task for ordinary bloggers to earn a handsome amount, whereas the websites from the day one starts getting a big business from the work done by you. I am writing this post not to discourage you but to share my experience with you. If my article can help you in understanding Adsense in more depth then it will be a happiest moment for me. However for some fun added few cents these sites are good option.

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