Saturday, November 25, 2006

AdSense and Video Sites: A New Way to Make Money

by Stefan Smith

The popularity of video on the Web these days opens up new ways to profit from Google AdSense.

I assume you know what Google AdSense is. If not, AdSense refers to those little Google ads that you see on many Web pages. If you have a Web site, you can sign up for an AdSense account and have similar ads appear on your own pages. When someone clicks one of those ads, you get a part of the money Google charges the advertiser for displaying that ad.

The advent of wildly popular video sites such as YouTube and Google Videos offers a new way to profit off of this idea. That's thanks to the little snippets of code these sites provide that you can copy and paste onto your own site to make their videos appear on your pages. It's really pretty neat. The code embeds a video player right into your page; your visitors can enjoy then your favorite clips without leaving your site.

You can make money off this by adding AdSense ads to your video pages. This is the same as adding AdSense to any other kind of Web page, only in this case you have much of your content already provided to you, for free, from YouTube or Google Videos. To make it easiest of all, just create your video site in a blogging tool such as Blogger or WordPress, both of which accept the embedded code used by the major video sites.

Of course, you should add some commentary of your own to your video pages. You want to give your visitors added value over what they would find if they went directly to the original video site. This will make your pages more acceptable to the search engines, as well.

Do you remember that wild "Numa Numa" song craze that was going on awhile back? It was based on a Romanian pop song with an incredibly catchy tune. People by the hundreds started making and uploading videos of themselves lip-synching and dancing to it. Anyway, just for a lark, I created a blog dedicated to this craze and embedded what I considered the best or most interesting "Numa Numa" videos. Then, I would make comments on them.

That "Numa Numa" blog got a fair amount of visitors, and I made a little money off of people who clicked on my AdSense ads. But, I could never boost traffic high enough to make anywhere close to what I had hoped for.

Now, though, a new development in regard to Web video and AdSense has me really excited. It's Web sites where hundreds of people are posting videos--again, using the code from YouTube or Google Videos--and sharing in the AdSense revenue that the site owner is taking in.

One such multi-poster video site is called VideoSense. It's free to join, and very easy to learn to use. Basically, you just embed as many videos as you like and then share their URLs with friends or with the world. When people go to your video pages on VideoSense, and click the ads with your AdSense code in them, you earn revenue.

It's too early to know if this will make a lot of money for anyone. But I predict that those who get in near the start will be in the best position to profit significantly.

Stefan Smith writes on entertainment and make-money-at-home subjects as a member of the Solid Gold Info Writers Consortium. His assessment of profit-sharing video sites is available at his "Make Money by Sharing Videos" review page.

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