Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Adsense Secrets of the Experts

by Jennifer Carter

One wonders if there are people making literally thousands of dollars every day with Adsense, that there are any secrets left to be discovered?!

The good news, of course, is that there are plenty of Adsense secrets that you can discover for free by simply surfing the internet and researching further.

Free Adsense Tips

Many people don't even think of the one obvious place to get advice, which is from Google themselves! They have plenty of free resources to help you make the most of Adsense, including the "heatmap" which will help you to place your ads in the most profitable position.

Adsense Keywords

Just type in "Free Adsense Keywords" to the search engines and you'll find plenty of websites offering you free keywords as an incentive to sign up to their program. You won't have to pay a bean and this'll get you started on finding high paying keywords.

Also, as a keyword research tool, consider signing up for an Adwords account - type in your keywords, run the Traffic Analyzer and see how much you'd have to pay for them. Simply target the highest paying keywords in your own website, whilst remembering to pause or delete the Adwords campaign you just set up.

Adsense Alternatives

Do remember that there are other alternatives to consider for making money from your website:-

Yahoo Search Marketing - formerly known as Overture - offers a similar pay per click program
Affiliate Programs - you may wish to add these to your site to make additional income
Chitika - is fairly new to the scene but is doing well and offers some really useful resources for your site
or simply type in "Adsense Alternatives" into the search engine and browse through the results!
Learn from the Adsense Experts

With so many sites competing to share the latest Adsense secrets with you, many authors offer incentives to let you see just what they have to offer.

Adsense experts like Joel Comm, Michael Cheney, Jonathan Leger, William Charlwood and even the Adsense Jerk himself - occasionally offer free e-courses that give you plenty of hints and tips on increasing your Google Adsense income.

Yes, they really do share a whole bunch of their secrets with you for free, in return for your email address!

About the Author

Jen Carter has several successful internet businesses, using the principles learned from the experts. You can find free books from the internet marketing experts at her website, One Dollar Bookstore.


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