Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Adwords Google Secret - Make income very easily with SEO

by Ben RG Ehinger

Adwords Google Secret - Make income very easily with SEO

I am about to reveal a way to make a great monthly income without much more than 3-5 hours of work a week. You can easily boost your income faster than you could ever imagine by using my adwords Google secret and using SEO(search engine optimization).

This is what you do. You start using articles that are written by authors of free content sites, like my articles. They are all optimized to get a high ranking for a specific keyword on Google. This will allow the webpage we are going to build to get a high ranking as well. You will get hits this way.

All you do is use the article, without changing it and you must include the author bio box or you are not following the guidelines and you can get in a lot of trouble. Surround the article with Google adsense for content ads. You can use up to 3 blocks of ads per site.

This will give you a webpage that is optimized to get hits every day and when people visit the site they will click on your Google adsense ads and you make money. Some ads will even make you as much as $30 or more per click. You can easily build a nice monthly income with this method.

Now let's throw in Google Adwords and make even more money. You can pick very cheap keywords on Google Adwords that will make you more money when people click on your ads. You need a keyword tool like good keywords and you will need to build large lists of hundreds of keywords that have something to do with the subject of the webpage.

Then, you can plug these keywords into your Google Adwords campaign with a maximum bid of $0.05. If they do not activate for that price they are a waste of time and you can delete them. The idea is to pay $0.05 for a click on your ad that will bring you a visitor that will click on your Google Adsense ads that will make you more that $0.05.

This is a very easy strategy to create a monthly income. Think about this way if each site you build makes you $25 a month then you can easily build a huge amount of money by putting up 20 sites a week. That would be $500 a month that you would be able to build every week. Plus it will continue to come in because your sites will be ranked on search engines.

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