Thursday, November 23, 2006

Earning with Google AdSense without Having a Website of Your Own

by Jason Chew

You might wonder how is it possible to earn money with Google Adsense if you do not have a Personal Website? Yes, its true! It is not a typo error. You really do not need to have your own website to use Google Adsense. Google do not usually approve personal pages but that is not written in stone. Consult Google Adsense support pages for more information on what kinds of pages are acceptable.

If selling a product or service doesn’t appeal to you, you might consider blogging. Blogging initially meant web log but has gradually come into its own. There are as many different kinds of blogs as there are blogs themselves. A blog is like a online diary in which you make daily “journal” entries or it can be more like a newsletter or review site set up to inform or communicate with other people or review products.

There are several blog hosting sites available online that will allow you to create your own blogs and have targeted Google Adsense ads running on them. Some of the popular ones are, and You can also do a search on for an extensive list of blogs.

You have to bear in mind not all of these blogs hosting sites carry Google Adsense ads. If you’re intend to write a blog for interest or past time, I suggest you try to make some money from it to. Look around and you’ll find the perfect site for your Google Adsense ads and blog.

How to Promote Your Blog at the same time earn commission from Google Adsense? To Promote your blog to earn money, its not how good you can chunk up tons of contents. That is, you could write a great novel. It's all about how much traffic you can bring to your site.

If you can't bring traffic to your blog, you won’t make any money. Not only that, all your efforts in writing will gone to waste and no one will know how good a writer you are! Below are 7 powerful ways to promote your blog.

1) You can include the URL of your blog in your email signature. People reading your email will be given "invitation" to read your blog.

2) Link to other sites and ask the webmasters to link to yours. This is called Link exchange.

3) Search and read other blogs and notice who is getting the most reads and comments. Learn from therm and see what they are writing about?

4) Give comments on other people’s blogs that you find interesting. This will increase your overall traffic as you will pique others’ curiosity and they will want to read your blogs.

5) Start a free newsletter and offer a free email subscription to your blog.

6) Add a Referral button on your site for people to refer you. This can be an RSS feed for your blog.

7) Add an Adsense for Search button on your site. As your knowledge about blog and Google Adsense continues to grow, you will begin to see how to blog for interest and at the same time earn some money.

Copyright 2006 Jason Chew

Jason Chew is an Infopreneur and Internet Marketing Strategist. Want to start your online business to bring in massive income. Get free report on how to create a business that bring in $100K profits in Just 7 Days. For more information on market strategies and tactics, please visit Inventing Market Niche and Strategy Blog.

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