Friday, November 03, 2006

Getting Rich From Adsense? - The Mission

Google is perceived as being probably the most popular search engine in existence (closely followed by Yahoo and MSN Search) offering a whole host of services from simple Web Search and Online Shopping to Google Earth and Google Video (one of its latest ventures).

Google Adsense and Adwords are two such projects designed not only to create a source of revenue for Google but also to pass on the benefits of online advertising to webmasters and web site owners. With this perception of being able to make money online by simply showing adverts has created lengthy debate online with various people claiming to have somehow made hundreds of thousands of dollars simply by using Google Adsense effectively.

What will follow over the next few months will (I hope) determine once and for all if it really is possible to make a mint from Google Adsense. Everything I do, ever step I take will be documented here!

I've always been intrigued by various forum posts and personal blog websites where people claim to be living off the earnings of Google Adsense. Some people 'apparently' know of some inventive method to earn huge wads of cash from using and publishing online content. So that's my mission, to determine if it really is possible to get rich using Google Adsense.

So where do I start and how does it all work?

In a nutshell the apparent key to success is as follows:

Design a web page or website. Apply adverts via Google Adsense to that web page or website. Promote your optimized page or site and get lots of people to visit it. Finally and successfully, turn those visits into clicks - every time a site visitor clicks on an advert you get some money. Over the next few months I plan to look at two different Adsense money making concepts that I have read about and see if either or neither technique produces any profitable results. In addition I will determine if either: design, promotion, content, advert positioning and various other factors have any relevance to the results achievable or if it really is just pure luck.

In my next article I'll be examining in detail the concept of Google Adsense and what it has to offer.

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