Thursday, November 23, 2006

Google's AdSense evolves to feature Ad Placements

Google's AdSense is to feature a new system called "Ad Placements", which has so far been viewed by only a handful of advertisers.

One of these was John Chow, who received an invitation to an Ad Placements webinar and posted a copy of his email from Google on his blog,

"Ad placements are groups of ad units that you can define and highlight to advertisers," Google said. "Creating an ad placement is as easy as creating a custom channel and ad placements will help you generate more revenue by increasing the visibility of your ad spaces to advertisers".

Chow explained that the feature works by allowing users to make custom channels visible to advertisers as an Ad Placement. When advertisers are looking for sites on which to place their ads, they will see the ad placement – which will feature your site's name – and decide whether or not to use your website.

He added that the new system is likely to be a "big improvement" on the current system and should lead to higher ad rates for publishers.

Google's AdSense allows website owners to feature text, image and video adverts on their sites, either through pay per click or on a per thousand impressions basis.


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