Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How to make Google advertising programs (adwords and adsense) effective?

by Bishnu Dahal

As google adsense program is the best and easiest way to make money from web site, Thousands of publishers are monetizing by google adsense program. Most general publishers are facing the problem of deactivating account for invalid clicks. Invalid clicks stands for the clicks from untargeted region, clicks by automated software, clicks by the publishers themselves and so on ...........

Why will invalid clicks be generated?

Most publishers and advertisers are lazy in term of reading program policies, terms and conditions and other google guidelines. So advertisers didn't provide adequate information (such as targeted region) properly. Therefore, untargeted clicks will be generated on their ads. Advertiser has no options to complain google for untargeted clicks. That may trouble to publishers.

New publishers just attract on PPC. So they just focus on clicks instead of reading google terms and guidelines properly. In the beginning of their approval publishers themselves clicks on ads from their site. When they check their statement, they get some increment of earning for their own clicks which inspires them to click on ads from their own sites.

Google's fault for invalid clicks! Google also don't provide any proper parameters to publishers to check weather ads on their sites are clicked by intentional clicker who is willing to deactivate their accounts.

What should advertiser do? An advertiser should select targeted region to prevent the loss from untargeted clicks. If you are targeting to show your ads in USA, you should select USA as targeted region. For targeting clients around you should choose local targeted area. Google provides you choose the distance around you for targeted clicks.

What should publishers do? Publishers shouldn't click on ads from their pages. They should read the program policies, terms and google guidelines properly and should be updated current changes on policies and rules. Instead of telling their friends and relatives to click on ads from their site, they should focus on optimization tips by google, promotion of their sites in search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc. They should focus on quality contents instead of focusing on ads quality. They should know that if you bring more visitors in your site you will be paid more for their clicks and no clicks but just impressions. Think before clicking ads from your own page, if you were the advertiser, would you suppose to pay for such clicks?

What should google do? Google should provide such a frame from which a publisher can review from which IPs made the invalid clicks. And google also can create the system that enables publishers and advertisers to block the IPs which are generating spam clicks intentionally. Show the ads, allow to click, but no effect to advertisers and publishers therefore in future intentional clicker, who will generate invalid clicks for the purpose of closing publisher's account, will be discouraged due to the loss of time, effort and money.

For invalid clicks, I think publishers, advertisers and google are 60%, 10% and 30% responsible respectively.

About the Author

Bishnu Dahal is a professional web developer, promoter, SEO consultant and blogger

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