Friday, November 17, 2006

Search Engine Ranking Getting Harder When Displaying AdSense

by Matt Cromlento

Search Engine Ranking Getting Harder When Displaying AdSense

A comprehensive analysis of 15,000 common keyword searches has just been published by The most notable finding concerns a clearly negative correlation discovered in the big three search engines.

Sites displaying contextual PPC advertising are consistently ranking lower than similar sites without these ads. These ads are taken from the Google & Yahoo's own advertising networks -- the same sponsored ads displayed along with traditional search engine results. When visitors click on the ads, the website is given a share of the revenue, typically half. has found that for over 75% of searches, sites with contextual advertising , such as AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN), are more likely to rank lower in the natural listings. For example, on MSN Search 816 sites with contextual ads were found in search engine ranking position one while 1,356 sites were found at the bottom of the second page of results.

"If Google is distancing itself from AdSense, maybe webmasters will want to do the same," advises founder Chris Crompton. "To the search engines, one warning sign of a 'spammy' website is the presence of contextual advertising."

The amount of spam websites has been increasing exponentially from the time search engines made it simple for site owners to capitalize on PPC advertising for their SEO efforts. One of the biggest signs of a spam website is junk content with PPC ads everywhere. Apparently to preserve the relevancy of searches, the big three search engines have introduced a negative hit to websites displaying contextual ads. Whatever the underlying reason, these aren't good days for AdSense.

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