Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Winning the Adsense War - One Cent at a Time

by Terri Alexander

There have been good many e-books created for the sole purpose of telling its reader how to profit with Google Adsense. I can tell you how to do just that in just a few paragraphs here for FREE. But recently there have been an equal amount of e-books reporting the Death of Adsense. Is there any truth to that?

While the Click Flippers and the Adsense Real Estate owners flock to their separate corners we all ask the question, is Google Adsense really dead? A quick look at my Adsense reports page is all I needed to answer that question with a resounding NO. There is no doubt that Adsense has changed over the past few months, but that isn't necessarily bad news for everyone. Who IS it bad news for? It's bad news for those who were putting up sites with no real content for the sole purpose of housing their Adsense ads.

Google has made two major changes recently. One is that they now allow their advertisers to bid separately between their Adsense bids and their regular bids, making it possible for them to now bid much less for their content ads. The second major change is that they've implemented new policies penalizing virtual slumlords (website owners who throw up junk sites). For those slumlords this may very well be their demise.

Is it still possible to make money from websites by serving Google ads? Absolutely, and as I stated in the beginning of this article I'll show you how to do just that. The key here is CONTENT and QUALITY.

To legitimately earn money by serving Google ads you'll need to put in some legitimate work. It always astounds me how many people will spend hours and hours searching the internet looking for some get rich quick scheme when they could put that same amount of effort into building a profitable business. The second choice most likely will not get you rich quickly, but lets be honest here, how many get rich quick schemes are actually getting people rich, quick or otherwise?

When I was a child my brothers and I visited a park with my Grandpa. We passed a wishing well and Papa gave us all a penny to make a wish on and throw in. One of my brothers and I closed our eyes, made a wish, and threw our penny's into the wishing well. My other brother pocketed his penny and said this makes 48 cents that I have now. Thirty-Eight years later, my penny-pinching brother is very wealthy. How did he get that way? Once cent at a time.

That's my entire theory to Google Adsense. I am making a living One-Cent-At-A-Time. Here's the way it's working for me in 4 steps:

1. Research. You need to find a good niche market. Go to Overture and click on their research tools. Start with the Keyword Research Tool. You are looking for keywords that have had a minimum of 100,000 searches or more in a one-month period. For this example type in "mortgage." You should get a result of over 600,000. Now go to Overture's bid tool and type in Mortgage. You'll find that people are willing to pay over $5.00 per click for this keyword. It's a perfect match, you've now found a keyword that a lot of people are searching for and that a lot of people are willing to pay for.

2. Now that you've found your keyword you need to research it. Find out all you can about that particular subject and write an article about it. This needs to be ORIGINAL content, not an article you've copied from someone else's website. Spend your time and truly investigate it so that you can honestly offer your website visitors compelling and valuable information.

3. Create a website template for your articles. You'll save yourself a lot of time in the long run by creating one template to use for all of your articles. You'll need to test your Google ad placement. Some find they get more clicks when they place their ads at the top of the page, others find they get more with ads in the middle, or the bottom. Once you have your template ready you'll need to go to your Adsense account and get the code to place ads on your page. While setting this up make sure to choose colors for your ad's title, links, and borders that blend with your page. The idea is to make your Adsense ads look as if they are just part of your website - an offer of yet more valuable information for your visitors benefit. Now just ad your article to your template and your good to go.

4. The last step is getting traffic to see your new article so they can click on those ads. In the long run, by continually adding more and more articles to your site, eventually you'll begin to receive natural search engine traffic. But in the meantime I'm able to bring hundreds of visits a day to my articles by utilizing the smaller PPC search engines. I almost never pay more than a penny a click, and often not even that. You can find a list of PPC Search Engines that have worked well for me at http://theviralmarketer.net/ppc

Once you've done all your research, published your article and promoted it, you're done. It may have taken you a day or two of work but now you can set it and forget it. By continually adding new niche article websites to my arsenal my income steadily raises. Some of my sites may only bring in a net profit of $1.00 a day, but lets look at that for a second. Two days of work, a profit of $1.00 a day times forever. Not a bad payoff if you ask me. Now calculate that by 3 new articles a week. Are you seeing the snowball effect here?

Am I getting rich quick? No. I'm getting rich One Cent At A Time.

About the Author

Terri Alexander, a single mom of 10 children, has carved out her niche in Internet Marketing and currently supports her family by helping other Entreprenuers bring their business into profit quickly, using her free powerful, proven techniques. You can visit her at http://theviralmarketer.net

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