Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Disadvantages of Google Adsense

by Purva Mewar

Google Adsense has taken the Internet community by storm. Especially the webmasters, web developers and web marketers. People across the net and across the world are making money with it.

I use Google Adsense myself and therefore nobody has to assume that this article is written out of vengeance and all. In my good months I have made the kind of money I still cherish as one of the happiest phases of my life. My team leader Sylvia White would make $1000 from adsense alone, again in her good months. And its no mean feat by any standard.

But over a period of time as I have discovered the real meaning and impact of `niche' marketing or product, I have understood how adsense can come in the way and hit it hard.

Adsense are ads of other webmasters on our sites which google provides us, after we register for the program. Its free to join Google Adnse. Everytime our visitor clicks on the adsense ads we get paid for it. Your money builds up. Cent by Cent. And becomes $1000 at the end of the month. WOW!

The One paragraph above says it all. You just have to read, and read between the lines carefully..."Everytime our visitor clicks on the adsense ads we get paid for it". Our visitors. Click on Adsense ads. Please understand that you as a webmaster or web marketer are burning midnight oil to draw more traffic to you website. We make all sorts of efforts like reading, checking out the latest happenings by visiting forums, working through various complicated alogrythms of Search Engine Ranking and so on. All this to generate more traffic. Right? More traffic is nothing but more visitors. And when this visitor finally comes to your site he clicks on the adsense ads. Finish!

Do you notice how you are channelising your efforts? Why should you let your visitor go away to soemeone for a few cents? May be you can offer similar product yourself on your website and make 100 times higher commission from it.

You are making efforts to attract your target audience to your website in so many ways. If your site is about music you are spending time on link building campaigns, writing music related articles, posting in music related forums, blogging music and so on. All this so that finally a visitor related to your subject reaches your site. For what? That also you are ready with. Best offers for your niche audience. Best downlaods, contests, products to suit your niche audience. If you are yourself a composer and you are selling your compositions and lyrics online, making all the necessary efforts marketing your website and move your site up the SE and when you finally achive it and visitors start to drop in, adsense distracts them and takes them away! Not fair.

I have noticed quite a few sites that concentrate on just one or two products. And do a good job of it. Their conviction and confidence in their venture is something we all can learn from. These sites are high up on SE for their keywords and draw a decent traffic. And more importantly, use every visitor for their own benefit! Which is the way to go.

Again I repeat, I am not against Adsense. I use it myself. This is just a point of view. Honestly depending upon, and working towards earning all your income through adsense is not a very smart move. Let's move beyond it.

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