Thursday, December 07, 2006

Make Sure You Don't Get Your AdSense Account Terminated

by Brian McGregor

Being the undisputable leader in search engines, Google is placing high importance on the quality and relevancy of content when running its searches. The quality of returned results are extremely important to the viability and future potential of this massive company.

For this same reason, doing the wrong things in the AdSense and other forms of advertisements, whether intentionally or unintentionally, can result in severe penalties. Indeed, you may even get banned and have your account terminated.

So, if you use AdSense on your websites, or are considering using AdSense for the first time, avoid falling into the trap of using any of the following:

Clicking on AdSense ads on your pages

As your AdSense revenue is determined by how many times AdSense ads on your web pages are clicked, it can be very tempting to go onto your own pages and click the AdSense ads. Please don't do this. Google views this practice as fraud, and it will usually lead to your AdSense account being terminated. You also need to be careful of getting friends or colleagues clicking on your AdSense ads. Google have highly sophisticated monitoring software which can detect click patterns and locations. For example, they are able to determine when unusually high click rates come from a single IP address. The only way to be really safe here is to never have your AdSense ads clicked by you or anyone you know. Hidden texts

Using text too small to read, or text having the same color as the background or using css for the sole purpose of loading your page with keywords, will be taken by Google as you attempting to illegally influencing their search algorithms. Page cloaking

This is a practice whereby you attempt to deceive Googlebots - the automatic sniffers which Google sends out to find and index new and changed web pages. With page cloaking, you serve the Googlebots a different page to that which the visitor will see. The idea is that your Googlebot page looks authentic and has good keyword characteristics, thus getting you a high search engine position. However, when a visitor clicks on your site in the search return list, they are taken to a different page - one which is specifically designed to elicit a click on AdSense or other ads. In other words, they are not shown the page which the Googlebots indexed.

Note that these are only a few of the reasons why Google may consider you are violating the terms and conditions to which you agreed when you opened your AdSense account.

To review all the policies, go to

One final word. When Google email you to tell you that they are terminating your AdSense account, they do not tell you specifically which policies you have violated. In effect, they don't inform you why your account is being closed.

There is an appeals process which you can invoke, but this can be time consuming and ultimately may prove to be a fruitless avenue for you. And all the while you are in the appeals process, you are not earning any AdSense income

To be on the safe side, and to avoid account termination happening to you, simply avoid falling foul of any of the items listed in this article.

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