Friday, December 01, 2006

Multiply Your Adsense Sites Fast - 9 Times The Size! (White Hat

by Darren Yates

It's true, you really can make ANY / ALL of your sites 9 times bigger within minutes. And this is not some underhand trick that will see your rankings nosedive.

Very much the opposite in fact.

Imagine turning a small 10 page site into 100 pages with all new relevant content with 9 times the internal links! The internal links alone will boost your search engine ranking never mind the new content that is created.

Now how much more traffic will you receive? ;)

I'll get straight to the point this is very straight forward. It simply involves translating your site into 9 other languages AUTOMATICALLY and easily. You don't need to use an expensive translation service. Keep reading you'll be glad you did.

These extra pages are cached on your site instantly boosting your search engine / Net footprint with new static foreign language content.

If you have an Adsense network then you need to get busy NOW translating your sites. Google will display foreign language Adsense on your new pages, again AUTOMATICALLY, boosting your Adsense revenue.

Don't add any more Adsense sites to your network instead get to work exploding the size of your current network.

Imagine this, if you have just 10 Adsense sites each with 10 pages you've got just a 100 pages out there pulling in the Adsense revenue. By translating these sites, easily within an hour, you can boost those pages to 1000!

Open up a whole new revenue stream by getting rankings and traffic in foreign language search engines easily, in fact it doesn't get any easier. For those of us that are native English speakers the foreign language search engines are a greatly under utilized market.

Let's take just one language example. The Chinese Internet audience was estimated at 100 million in 2005 and it's growing fast. Simply being listed in the Chinese search engines and reasonably ranked will make a significant impact on your site traffic.

Are you getting excited now? ;)

These are the languages supported -

Chinese (Simplified)

Boost Your Credibility

An added bonus to enhancing your sites like this is the massive boost in credibility you will receive.

Think about it.

How much more trusting are you of a site that has taken the time to translate its content into multiple languages? Even if you don't speak any of those languages or even visit those language pages. ;)

And get this, none English speakers want to read your content. They routinely use translation tools to read English language website content. By providing a translation feature right on your site you are bringing them one step closer to you and making it easier for them to get at your content and stay on your site. This is another sure boost in credibility from their point of view. ;)

Best of all you can get this script for just...


That's it! No more. At that price you really would be mad to pass this up!

Grab it now =>

Still not sure then take a look at a site with the script already running =>

This is a brand new install and so the Adsense still displays in English on some foreign language pages. Hit refresh a few times and you will see it change. ;)

The 'Ads by Goooooogle' will change first.

Darren Yates is the developer of Ad Injector. Unique software designed to boost your Adsense profits and speed up Adsense site creation. Sign up for the f.ree Adsense Mini Guide for more Adsense tips.

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