Friday, January 26, 2007

Best Adsense Template Format – The Secret

by Ricky Lim

Most webmasters building adsense sites often ask what is the best adsense template format? Well, this article attempts to revealed the ‘secret’ of the best adsense template format.

The best adsense template format should be simple. Forget about what these adsense gurus told you. In almost any niche you build your adsense sites, simple sites or blogs are the best.

Here’s how a simple adsense site should look like. The top part should have an header or a title, either one will do fine. Then right under the heading, insert an adlink. The important is to make sure the background color of the adlinks is the same color as your webpage.

I use a two column design for my adsense websites. Particularly, the left side is larger than the right. The left hand is about 500 pixels wide and the right about 150 pixels.

The left hand holds the content while the right side contains the navigation links.

Usually, I will place a 336x280 block right at the top of left hand side after which the content follows. The right hand will contain the navigation links. Note that my navigation links are very simple, usually just the home page link and the articles links pages.

I will also insert a 120x160 adsense block below the navigation links.

A couple of tips here, do not use too much graphics. Usually one header graphic should be enough. I also keep my navigation links short and as few as possible. I only use 2 colors for my adsense template.

As you can see, I have position my adsense blocks in the top half of my adsense template since that is what you want your visitor to see when they get to your site.

By following the guidelines I have shown you as above, you will get the best adsense template format for all your websites.

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