Thursday, January 25, 2007

Internet Ad Revenue - A Billion Dollar Business

by Morgan Hamilton

You can still make a good profit on the Internet, even if a lot of websites have failed to succeed at earning money on the web. It is really not necessary to sell anything as long as you can come up with another way to get the revenue to come in. It's extremely difficult to earn money by putting up a website without having a service. Now, service might be for something else other than the customers. For instance, some websites earn money through ad revenue and attracting a lot of visitors.

It's a good bet that you're thinking of those annoying popup ads that flood your computer when you venture onto the wrong site, when you hear the phrase "ad revenue". Your system might freeze and crash when these ads invade your computer unabated. Fortunately, a lot of people now have pop up blockers so the days of ad revenue from popups are numbered. They are now becoming scarce and other ways of ad revenue have taken center stage. Of course, they haven't been completely eradicated, but most people don't see them anymore. Cyberspace would also be a much better place if we can find a way to get rid of the ridiculous flashing ads that claim you have won a prize.

In the present, Google has a good hold on the ad revenue market because of the popularity and success of Google Adsense. These ads aren't very intrusive and are easy enough to ignore when you are surfing the web. Other online businesses should realize that they may lose their visitors and the ad revenue that come with them if they become irritated. They might come back, if they encounter ads that they can ignore.

It would be a good idea to look into Google Adsense and other similar programs if you are interested in making money online through ad revenue. A lot of money can be earned by buying and building spam free websites. Making a little extra pocket money through the ads on your blog is possible if you have daily readers. The amount of time and energy you put into your business will determine your income and the success of your online venture.

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