Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Adsense Advantage-The Latest Release From Matt Callen-Is It Worth A Look?

by Jennifer Carter

Wondering whether to bother with the latest offering from Matt Callen, promising to show you how to make more money with Adsense?

I've been a subscriber to Matt's emails for about a year now. From past experience, I know that when I receive an email from Matt Callen offering me a free information product that he’s put together it’s going to be good.

The offerings I've had from Matt before are all well-written and easy to understand - quite refreshing if you've tried some of the other offerings from the experts.

Unlike some other internet marketing experts who churn out recycled information or blatant promotions of their new products, Matt has put together a well-written report that’s interesting, informative and easy to read and offers some new and interesting ideas.

This ebook, Adsense Advantage, is 47 pages of reading about one guy and how he made $9127 in just one month from Adsense... literally a few months after starting his Adsense business.

What is the Adsense Advantage ?

This book outlines a step by step approach that any internet newbie can follow to make money with Adsense.

The guy in question is Abhishek Agarwal who’s a big eBay powerseller in India, but wanted something that would offer him a way of earning money with less effort on a daily basis. Although Abhishek is clearly very successful powerseller on eBay, he had no success with Adsense until around November 2006. Here he is just three months later outlining the system for his success.

This ebook has proof of earnings and shows the very low income that Abhishek was earning in October 2006, prior to trying out Matt’s HyperVRE system of creating Adsense websites. Abhishek also outlines his method for finding niches and creating keyword lists and websites around them.

Whilst the HyperVRE system itself is available as a free download for anybody to try, Abhishek purchased the Gold version which has a number of bells and whistles (including RSS feeds) that help the search engines to see fresh content each time they visit.

One thing I would have liked to see was how much was spent on PPC advertising to earn the $9127 figure that is mentioned. The system sounds a little like the swap-clicking methods that have been so popular recently.

Can It Work for Me ?

There are some very useful tips about choosing niches and pages - what resources to use and how to create an outline of your site. In fact, there's a walk through of building a site around a particular niche - which is helpful if you've never done this kind of thing before and don't know where to start.

The one thing that I'd have liked to see more information on is the type of advertisements placed on the PPC - what kinds of wording were used, how were effective campaigns evaluated and dumped and how many sites it has taken to get that kind of income?

If you already know that you're good at writing PPC ads for Adwords or Yahoo, then this could be a way for you to rapidly increase your income.

With every " new " idea that comes out - there are always tips that you can glean from the product, and this is no exception.

Read the Adsense Advantage, glean what you can, try it if you like, but use the tips it offers to help build your own business further.

You can get a free download of Matt's book at www.onedollarbookstore.com/Matt_Callen.html

About the Author

Jen works from her own running her own, successful internet businesses - one of her income streams is from websites monetized with Adsense.

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