Monday, February 12, 2007

Adsense Profits - Art of Ad Placement

by Alex Ronald

There is no use of getting traffic to an Adsense site which has all the advertisements incorrectly placed. Proper positioning of the advertisements would result in maximum profits. But how do you subtly make your advertisements available to the reader's eyes?

#1 Try to place one of your advertisements along with your content. Let your content wrap around the advertisement. This way, the user thinks that the advertisement is a part of your content, and will look forward to read the offers that interest him. The recommended advertisement size would be the Large Rectangle.

#2 Place a vertical advertisement to the right of the page, near the scroll bar (not very near). People have their mouse on the scroll bars so that they can browse through the contents easily. Thus any advertisement placed in that place will draw significant attention to the advertisements.

#3 The background color of your advertisement should match the background color of your website. Try to make the fonts of your advertisement and your website as similar as possible. This way, people won't think you're blasting out advertisements on them and will consider giving them a look.

#4 If you have a site menu, try to make the menu's width match with one of the available sizes of advertisement that Adsense offers. Put an Adsense advertisement along with your menu items, giving the menu items the same font, fell and look as your Adsense advertisement.

Following the above techniques might improve the number of people who click on your advertisements. The objective of the above is to remove the feeling from the end-user that you are showing unnecessary advertisements. The user won't look at the ads if he realizes that they are advertisements. Thus by following the above techniques, the reader would consider giving the advertisement a look, and all the offer it contains.

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