Friday, February 23, 2007

Article Marketing AdSense Abuse

by Lance Winslow

Does it make sense to use trickery to make money with AdSense? The reason I ask is that as an online article author, I have seen my articles show up in the must dubious places. In fact, I have seen so much abuse in article marketing and yes there are ways to make money, but people put out crap and use trickery to get folks to come to their websites for dumb reasons like AdSense. Having ads on your website is not so bad, but if that is your whole purpose, I question it.

If you have a REAL business, something to sell or what have you then sure article marketing can bring traffic you can convert to buyers. If I was not retired and I was still franchising I am sure I would have made millions of dollars selling franchises for a lot less money in advertising than I did back when then by writing articles and allowing the traffic to increase.

Of course the article marketing for me would have been a traffic driver to sell something that was a REAL business. Not just BS trinkets, scams or trickery to get someone to come to the website and click out on someone else’s advertisement.

In fact it might be easier to have something real and really good and buy AdSense ads to bring people to your website to sell them something of value. Perhaps this article and condemnation may indeed get you to think in 2007 about how you approach online article marketing and your career on the Internet.

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