Thursday, February 15, 2007

Contextual Advertising Tips - The Alternatives To Google Adsense

by Simon Akers

Unless you are new to internet marketing you will have heard how earnings from Google Adsense have steadily decreased during 2006. Although you can still earn money its just not as profitable as it used to be, so what are the alternatives?

Before you start using contextual advertising you should know that it works best on information websites such as blogs, forums, and article directories. This is because there is a community of people who are exchanging information with each other and actively participating in discussions.

The regular users will visit these information websites often but will not necessarily be in the buying frame of mind so placing contextual ads around the content is a great way to profit from these visitors as you will get paid for each click.

If you sell various products using mini sites which contain a sales letter and a download page its not a good idea to place contextual ads on your website because you will distract your visitors and significantly decrease your conversion rates resulting in fewer sales and less profits.

Now if you do run an information website you may want to find out if you can increase your income by switching from Google Adsense to another option. The key to succeeding online is to constantly test new strategies and techniques and find better alternatives and then stick with those alternatives if they prove to be more profitable.

Here are a few alternatives to Google Adsense:

1. Click Bank Text Ads.

This is probably the best alternative and the ads are displayed in a similar way to Google Adsense but instead of earning a commission for each click you will earn a commission for each sale that you generate.

While it may seem easier to earn a commission for each click in the short term, its much more profitable to earn a commission for each sale in the long term. You will also know exactly how much you will earn for each sale in advance unlike Google Adsense where the commissions for each click are constantly changing depending on the bids.

2. Private Affiliate Networks.

Similar to other contextual advertising services these networks provide text ads that display recommendations for products that are related to the content which they are placed next to.

While these networks can be very profitable (depending on the quality of the products and how relevant they are to your website content) they will only contain a small fraction of the amount of products that Click Bank offers so there is far less variety which limits its use.

3. Affiliate Power Ads.

This is a great alternative because it not only displays text but also a full colour image of the product which really attracts attention to the advert and increases the amount of clicks and sales.

The only problem with this service is that its not contextual so the ads are not necessarily related to the surrounding content but if you run a blog, forum, or article directory about internet marketing you should definitely consider using this free service because all of the products listed are related to this market.

You can learn more about Affiliate Power Ads by going here:

If you are thinking of switching from Google Adsense to something else why not test an alternative for a week or two and see what results you get. Nothing has to be permanent and you can always change back if the results are not as good as you hoped but there is no harm in testing new things and you may find an alternative that works better.

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