Friday, February 09, 2007

Cool Adsense Site Templates

by Munyaradzi Chinongoza

With Adsense being one of the easiest ways to make money online, the only thing that could be standing from you making a quick adsense buck is a really good adsense site template. From my experience, I have found that sites with good looking templates usually get more clicks than most crappy sites. Therefore it only makes sense for you to spend a little time searching for your adsense site template.

Although your main goal is to make money from Adsense, it is a wise idea to source templates that also incoorporate other profit streams. For example, instead of just having adsense blocks strategically placed on your site, you might want to add a related clickbank product or maybe amazon products. These products usually will earn you more than an adsense click, but they are usually disregarded because unlike with Adsense, in order to get paid you actually have to make a sale.

Another thing, you should look out for when sourcing templates is the graphics and pictures. Try to get adsense site templates that have at least a well designed header graphic, that is the first thing your visitor sees when they visit your site. Remember, they say first impressions are what really matter. So you really want your visitor to value your site right from the first look. If they value your site, they are more likely going to click and follow any links on the website, including the Adsense ones.

It is also a good idea, to get adsense site templates written in simple html, so that you can easily edit them yourself should the need arise. It has been documented that search engines love websites with changing content and the easiest way to accomplish this automatically is by inserting content from rss feeds into your templates.

Here's one last suggestion for you. In order to save yourself time, find yourself one template designer or adsense site template source you can trust and stick to it for all your future requirements. Concentrate your efforts more on your keyword research and actually setting up your Adsense websites.

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