Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Generate A Massive Adsense Income The Easy Way

by John O' Neill

So I guess you've heard of Adsense then, right? And you know that it's possible to make a massive residual Adsense income from Adsense ads placed on your website, right?

Well let's think about it for a second. Slow down and really imagine that thought for a moment or two. You actually think you can create an adsense income, just by placing adsense ads on your website, and people will flock to your website, and click on your adsense ads a million times, and you'll be filthy stinking rich overnight precious? Hmm.......

Okay, I know you're not that stupid, and you realise there's more work involved with adsense to make things work right. And by right, I mean the above scenario actually happens. People visit your site, and by clever application of certain insider techniques, visitors start to click your ads, and earn you a whopping big adsense commission cheque.

So how do you create this income then? What are these secrets to explode your adsense income? Why are you only earning a few measly pennies each day, if that? Well, I'll tell you. But first, you must understand something that is paramount to your success. This is essential, no matter what kind of income you're trying to create, no matter what line of internet marketing you choose. Are you ready?

Creating a massive adsense income TAKES TIME! I can't stress this enough. If you tried adding the code to your sites, and messing with different adsense ad types, and after a week, got fed up and quit, then adsense is never going to bring you any kind of income, period

But you've read this far, so hopefully you already realise that anything worthwhile takes time. Let's say you're serious about using adsense as another stream of income. So you now need to know the four vital ingredients to make your adsense ads spit out that dream income, in the shortest time possible.

They are:

1. Content

2. Keywords

3. Your ads

4. Traffic

Get used to these four words. They are the cornerstone of your adsense Income project. Repeat them out loud, and memorize them. Whenever you lose track of your objective, make sure these four words are in your thoughts, and use them to draw the adsense income you desire.

So what's left then? Oh that's right, you need to actually know the secrets the biggest earners are using. I know people are actually making thousands per month online, from adsense alone. This income is available to anyone who wants it. That much is obvious.

So how does $19,156 a month, every month, sound to you? Who earns that much, you say? Well Michael Cheney, for starters. He's been quietly raking in cash, hand over fist for months on end. And now he's sharing all that lovely adsense master knowledge with us lucky humans too. I saw his videos, and income proof, and my jaw dropped three storeys below. Hey, my adsense income has skyrocketed since I applied his stuff. I get a truckload of income boosting clicks each day. It's amazing when you find adsense advice that's actually been tested in the real world, information that will create an income you desire.

Anyway I just thought I'd share my thoughts on it this week, because, as you know, most adsense income guides and e-books are plain crap. Michael Cheney's Adsense Videos are on a different level, man. I've included the link to his site, obviously so you can take a look, and see that I'm not talking BS. If you get any adsense income product this year, you should make it this one. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

About the Author

John O' Neill is a successful Affiliate Marketer, freelance writer, and ebay enthusiast. His primary income is from promoting affiliate programs, and from adsense.

If your adsense earnings are just not increasing, then you need the right information, and you need to invest in yourself and your time. Visit www.pcpimps.co.uk for the uncut truth on adsense.


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