Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Google Adsense Blocker Is On It's Way

by Karel Geenen

In the early days webmasters earned money through banners and pop-ups. After a while visitors where annoyed by the pop-ups and where getting “ad blind” for the banners. Because browsers had made popup blockers webmasters couldn’t rely on those kind of advertising anymore.

And then there was Google! With their Google Adsense program they opened a whole new world for webmasters. You just have to create an Adsense account, fill some details and Google provide you with a code. Just place that code somewhere on your website and boom! Google serves ads related to your content.

With Google adsense the whole advertising business was taken to another level. When you can display ads on your website related to your content you can bet on it that it will increase your click thru rate!

Nowadays a lot of webmasters are depending on Google Adsense. Some people are making a couple bucks a day, others are millionaires.

Unfortunately there are always people that hate ads and want to do something about it. You’ve seen it with the popup blockers..

But what if there comes a Google Adsense blocker? For Firefox there is already an Adsense blocker plug-in available. The good thing is that only a few people are using that blocker. But what if, say Microsoft, builds a new browser with an integrated Adsense blocker. It will definitely by a disaster for the webmasters who only rely on Google Adsense.

Have you ever thought about it? You know the old saying, never put your eggs in one basket. So are you going to wait for that Adsense blocker and then decide what you are going to do or are you thinking ahead and try to create multiply income streams? I know what I will do!

It’s always wrong to rely on one sort if income. Try to create multiple income streams before the Adsense blocker will show up! Start today and be ahead of the webmasters who think the Adsense blocker will never come. Someday the Adsense blocker will be there and you’ll better be prepared!

This article is written by Karel who writes about internet marketing on his internet marketing weblog.

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