Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Google Adsense Search Bar- Friend or Foe?

by Terry Hudson

Google AdSense can be a great revenue tool for astute website owners. To take advantage of your website traffic, Google has given us Google Adsense. Anyone wanting to make significant money from the program should include the Google Search Bar feature on thier website as well as the income producing Google Adsense ads.

Installing the Google search bar can provide visitors to your site with something of value. Whenever visitors perform a search and click an ad, guess what? You are entitled to a percentage of the profits.

The Google search bar can go a long way in helping keep visitors on your website and give you an additional source of income. It can serve several other purposes as well. For example, your visitors may want to refine a search, but they don't have to leave your site. To reiterate... when your web visitors use the Google search bar, you make money too. Smart marketers will recognize the Google search box is far more than just an added convenience.

If you find that some of your monetized sites are not getting the clicks and making the money they used to, the Google search box is another chance to improve the revenue you might be losing with just Adsense ads alone.

Here's a good tip for you. After installing the Googlr search bar you find it is not giving it's full potential, it might be possible visitors are overlooking it's functionality. Do this... compose a short note inviting people to use it. Simply adding something like "Can't find what you're looking for? Try a Google search" or "Google has the answers... Refine your search here." This simple change will result in more traffic and better income.

Are you aware that when your visitors use the Google search bar to refine their search this will in turn, pull more relevant ads to your web page. This search will also pull up those on demand AdSense served ads. Visitors who click those ads will get more revenue for you (web site owner) while also helping your web visitors find the information they are looking for.

Inviting users to perform their own searches can help deliver more relevant ads. It's your job to provide web visitors real value before they leave your site. Including a resource like the Google search bar will go a long way in helping web site visitors remember their good experience on your site. You want them to visit again and again and to use your site as a friendly functional place to visit while providing revenue and click throughs for your website.

It is easy to see how having a Google search box on the web site can help to drive both traffic and ad revenue.

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