Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Use The Latest GPS For Brokering Your Adsense Earnings

by Jan Smith

GPS in this instance means Google Positioning Services. And just like any good Global Positioning Service (GPS) to show you how to get wherever you are going incident-free, then understanding how to best use Brokerage techniques with your GPS will get you where you are heading towards with your Internet Business faster.

A Broker, according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary 1964, is a person who acts as a middleman. Today some would prefer the term Agent; hence we have Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents and agents representing any number of Industries and Companies.

Brokerage Agents are used a lot in business in the Middle East and Asia. Its a centurys old trusted method of getting business done. But for some weird and not-so-wonderful reason, the western world has turned their noses up at any idea of an agent or middleman making any kind of profit from introducing people to each other who have a common interest.

The weird thing is that the western world uses Brokers too in many ways but always under a different terminology. We have lobbyists, we have real estate agents, company representatives, insurance agents but they all broker business deals.

With the introduction of Adsense Brokerage, we can now better understand the role that website owners can implement more profitably and dare I say it, broker better deals for themselves and their websites. If you are the owner of a website then you would be foolish to overlook brokering better deals on monetising that virtual real estate. Especially if you had a GPS to guide you.

What does brokerage selling have to do with using Google Adsense? Well, its rather a lot and an extremely practical way of monetising web pages both for search engine traffic and for optimising income from Google Adsense or some other form of PPC advertising.

And its great news for web publishers because every possible revenue source can be evaluated and optimised more fully once you understand the underlying method. And you get over the stigma of being classified as a brokerage agent.

Any person who has done business in Asia or the Middle East understands the importance of having a good agent. What is a good agent? One who works diligently for the best outcome for the person they represent. And as a Google Adsense publisher, your website needs to be designed to accommodate Googles requirements. You the website owner are Googles agent if you use Adsense on your website.

By practising Adsense Decoded techniques you are implementing Googles requirements. In light of what we have now come to understand about being a good agent, I am sure you can understand that to maximise our profits from serving our clients needs diligently we are very likely to increase our profits substantially.

But where Adsense Decoded adds to this revenue mix and where this differs substantially from real-world Business, is in that you can actually have other revenue streams on the same web page that is designed to suit Googles requirements.

In effect, you are serving / supplying two masters; where in an off-line business if you did this, you would end up with horrendous law suits against you and it would be highly unlikely you would ever get a half-decent job again.

So this business of serving two masters sounds contradictory and dangerous territory to most business people. Normally it is a "Definite No-Go zone". So how can it be legal in the on-line world?

Firstly, and most importantly, you must comply with each clients TOS and they all have their requirements.

Yet while complying fully with Googles TOS, it is possible that you can actually increase your income by increasing the amount that Google pays you. In Adsense Decoded you will learn smart pricing techniques that no other guru I have followed has mentioned, let alone explain, how this works. In fact, I had never even heard the term.

Every well-known guru on Adsense tells us to track, track and track. But if you insert all the tracking codes available and do not understand the results, its not all that helpful to you the website owner is it? Some people are simply not numbers people. People like me need these things decoded. And I am sure I am not Robinson Crusoe.

These numbers are vital for any businesses health so even if you are not a numbers person, you really do have to make the numbers make sense. If you fail to overcome this business crippling shortfall, you get stuck with earning the cents instead of a bank full of dollars.

Some years ago when Quality Assurance was the latest buzzword in Australia it scared the pants off many small-medium business owners. But it brought in accountability and more profit to the businesses that persevered because problem areas got highlighted and fixed. Adsense Decoded reminded me of this period in my business life because it decoded problem areas for me that I had previously swept-under-the-browser screen rather than tackle them head on.

Once you come to grips with your websites QA problem areas you will get a substantial reward profit wise for having done so. A bit of learning-pain for great profit gain.

So to be sure you are using the best Google Positioning Service for your brokerage clients you would be well advised to investigate the techniques available that Google Adsense Decoded offers to you.

About the Author

Jan Smith is an ideas person for creative and innovative people. A whole world awaits open minds,curious eyes and eager hands. Find out how you can expand your horizons at http://www.books-that-talk.comor expand your Google Adsense knowledge and Income at

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