Thursday, February 22, 2007

Virtual Real Estate - Build Your Adsense VRE Empire Online With Google!

by Franck Silvestre

To build your adsense VRE empire, you need to learn the basics first. Once you are done, you can easily replicate the process over and over until you earn hundreds of dollars a day.

Let's begin by explaining the process. After that you will understand how you can make a nice second income with your own adsense VRE (virtual real estate) empire.

What is Adsense and how Google can send you checks?

Google adsense is the sister of Google adwords. In order for you to understand fully how the whole process works and how you can earn a lot of money from adsense, we need to talk about Adwords.

First, let's explain how Google make money. It's important, because they will send you checks at the end of the month...

Google is a search engine like Yahoo! or MSN. All these three are big companies, but they are not alone in the search engine game.

When you carry out a search in Google, the search engine return the web pages that it found to be the most relevant to your querry. On the left side of the screen (the main part), you have a list of URL with a title and a description.

On the left part of the screen, you have a list of "sponsored links". These are called Google Adwords. It is a form of advertising called "Pay Per Click advertising". That mean that the advertiser only pays when someone click on his ad. The click can cost anywhere from a few cent to a few dollars.

Let's Resume: The left part contain the SERPs and the right side display adwords ads. So how can you make money with that?

It become interesting for you now. Those advertisers can also choose to advertise on the "content network". What is the content network? It is all the websites on the Internet! Here is how you will make money: Set up a website, and apply for an adsense account. Once you are approved by Google (after 24 hours), you just need to log into your account and get your adsense codes. Your next step is to add these codes to your website.

The more pages you have on your website, the more money you will make. If you want to make even more money, all that you need is to build more websites!

About the Author

Franck Silvestre is the creator of Make Money Online. Create a professional website optimized for maximum sales and find out more about Ken Evoy Site Sell and Video Marketing Today!

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