Thursday, March 29, 2007

Adsense Gets An Upgrade

Many people will have heard of, or actually use, Adsense. It is an efficient way to advertise and to generate income from targeted traffic. Google has had problems with its ad scheme is recent years, with its program Google Adsense. The program lets advertisers pay Google in exchange for Google allowing website owners to place the code on web pages. It is a money triangle between advertiser, webmaster, and the middle man Google.

Recently, however, there have been troubles with the system. Advertisers have been complaining that traffic they paid for is fraudulent- meaning that the people clicking the ads didn’t do so because they were interested, but because they had motive to credit the webmaster’s Adsense account with another click.

Now, Google has apparently found the answer. They have reportedly put a new system into testing- pay per action ads, instead of the general pay per click. The system will pay webmasters only when an action is taken. For instance, if the visitor to the website clicks the ad and registers on the website, this could be such an action needed to credit the webmaster with money. It is expected that webmasters will make much less money, unless advertisers are willing to shell out a few extra dollars for the program.

The system is likely to be integrated lightly, as to not upset the faithful webmasters and advertisers, and those who prefer the pay per click scheme. Either way, Google is looking into all of its options to keep everyone happy- something it will most likely learn to be quite a task.

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