Thursday, March 29, 2007

Capitalizing On AdSense Pay Per Click Ads

Making the most out of AdSense pay per click ads can be a little tricky. In most cases, site owners can’t recommend that visitors click on the ads and buy the products. If they do so, they can run the risk of losing those ads. But, they can build up content that’s relevant and appealing enough to help entice visitors to look at the ads and they can even do their part to help make those AdSense pay per click ads look pretty intriguing on their sites, too.

To help out those who are new to AdSense, here’s a little primer on the program and some suggestions for making AdSense pay per click ads pay off.

AdSense is a web-based advertising program offered by Google. It places ads directly on others’ web sites, enabling them to earn money from the traffic their sites naturally generate. Many of the ads offered are AdSense pay per click ads. The AdSense pay per click ads work by giving site publishers money for each person who visits their site and clicks through on an ad. Some ads can really pay off with big dividends, too, so it’s always beneficial to capitalize and try to make the most out of those AdSense pay per click ads. Here’s how:

·Make sure AdSense pay per click ads look good on a site. Try to make them look like they belong there. It’s okay to draw attention to the AdSense pay per click ads by using borders and boxes, but make the fonts and colors blend in with the site so they look and feel a part of it.

·Try out different types of AdSense pay per click ads. The options in AdSense pay per click ads include banners, skyscrapers, text ads and even video ads. Try a variety of these AdSense pay per click ads to see which combinations works the best.

·Give the ads good placement. AdSense pay per click ads will not pay off if visitors don’t see them. This means it’s important not to bury AdSense pay per click ads on the bottom of pages or out of readers’ sight.

·Make content relevant. The more relevant content is to the AdSense pay per click ads, the more likely a conversion is to happen.

·Increase overall traffic. Making money off AdSense pay per click ads often is a numbers game. The more overall traffic, the more likely it is for AdSense pay per click ads to pay off.

AdSense pay per click ads can create a pretty serious revenue stream for just about any web site. Turning natural traffic into paying traffic, the key in making AdSense pay per click ads work is making them appealing enough for visitors to actually click through.

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