Saturday, March 10, 2007

Google Adsense Script

by Gert Hough

So you have heard about people making money from Adsense and you decided you want to try it yourself. Where would you start and what should you buy? Rather buy nothing - read this article first. Get a website designed and setup for you for free. But wait that's not all - get the site hosted for free as well!

Don't buy anything but a domain name from You will get your website setup for you with hosting of 50MB for no charge.

Other than that you will get your site designed for you - no charge again.

This is unbelievable you say? No, may believe it.

1mbhosting is the place to register a domain name if you are a beginner.

You get a site designed including a header design if you supply the company designs - just mail it for them...

Once you registered and your website is up and running, you also get Google adsense script software you can use to make a decent second income.

Not only will you get the tools setup for you to make money, you will also be shown how to use them and how to get traffic to your website.

Visitors to your site will participate and you will get paid.

You will be shown how to get your Google account and how to get Google to approve you as a adsense publisher. That way ads with your Google ID will be shown, resulting in a commission every time someone clicks on your ads.

People tend to click on these ads on your site because they are customized to blend into your site design. Not standing out as advertisements, the ads have a high click through rate which means it is working for you.

Getting Started:

To get started all you ever have to do is get your domain registered at Your site design will also include a free support centre that you can use to have people contact you.

But the best of the whole thing package is, you will no where else get your domain registered with 50MB free hosting (and I am talking about the whole CPanel and total access hosting) let alone get the site design, header design as well as a physical CD sent to your mail.

Gert Hough is involved with the creation of mini site content websites with adsense as a major high click through income generator.

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