Monday, March 12, 2007

How to Make Your AdSense Sites More Unique

by Kathy Burns-Millyard

Many small internet and home based businesses are building what's been billed as "AdSense Websites" to make money. Essentially, an adsense website is designed to make money from the Google AdSense pay per click affiliate program.

AdSense websites usually feature content in the form of articles. Since the better your content is on a website, the better chance you have of getting higher paying ads in your AdSense blocks. So it's not uncommon these days to see tens of thousands of websites floating around which feature just articles, and links to other articles. Plus AdSense ads of course.

And there are many services available online which will either create content for you to use on your AdSense sites, or they'll create entire sites for you. The whole goal of most AdSense publishers of course, is to get as many sites online as possible. And if each site earns just $1 a day, that will add up as you get more sites online. A hundred sites earning $1 each is a cool $100 every day, right?

Now the catch 22 of building AdSense sites of course, is that it's not easy to create so much content. So most AdSense site builders actually choose to use either free articles from online article directories, or they use PLR - or Private Label Rights - materials for their sites instead.

In most cases using the free articles is the least desirable way to build an AdSense site, because those same articles could be being used on thousands of other websites. After all, the whole reason they're free is so that they'll get picked up and published widely around the web.

PLR articles are generally more desirable, because they have a more limited distribution plus you're allowed to modify them to your own liking. And of course you don't have to put an author's name or website link on those PLR articles, so these have become a very popular content option for building Adsense Websites.

Most content buyers are lazy though, and they often don't bother changing the PLR content they've bought before creating their site. And this is where things can get a little sticky. Many sites can (and do) have the exact same articles on their sites because they didn't bother making any changes to them before publishing.

There is a decently easy way to make your AdSense websites more unique and useful to both readers and search engines though. And this method can be used for sites built using free articles too: Simply add pictures.

Just by weaving in a picture or two on each article, or webpage of your website, you automatically change the content as the search engines and visitors see it. So even if all the words are exactly the same on the pages, the very fact that you have something else there too - in this case photographs - makes your page a little more unique.

You can go even further with this and put a small caption with the picture too. This provides additional text with the picture, and these combined can help break up the articles a bit too.

Now there are many legal pitfalls involved with using photos on your websites, so I'll go into those further in upcoming articles. For now though, consider adding photos and graphics of some sort to your AdSense websites to make them stand out above the crowd, and potentially earn much more money in the end too!

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