Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Importance of Reviewing Your AdSense A

by cody moya

Many web site owners already know how powerful the Google AdSense program can be, and how many have used it to grow their incomes and enhance their revenue streams. What many of these would be web entrepreneurs may not realize, however, is how important it is to format and place those Google ads properly.

That is because studies have shown that the placement and format of the ads served by the Google AdSense program are critical to the long term success of program participants. Many of those new to the program wonder why some ads get almost no response, while others earn those eye popping CPM's and click through rates that allow them to enjoy excellent earnings, even while they sleep.

While there are many important factors that go into the production of these high AdSense earnings, one of the most critical factors is the proper formatting and placement of those ads. Where the ads appear on the page, and what they look like, can have a profound impact on AdSense earnings, but it can take quite some time to find the right formula on your own.

Fortunately there is a better and more cost effective way for participants in the Google AdSense program to realize the highest possible level of earnings without the hit or miss method associated with constantly tweaking and fine tuning the appearance and placement of the ads on the page.

This method is to use a number of different web site templates which have already been enhanced and fine tuned for the greatest AdSense revenues. These templates have already been enhanced in order to provide the most effective placement for the ads, as well as the best formatting. In addition, these templates make full use of the importance of web site content, in order to provide a ready to create web site template which Google AdSense participants can use to instantly get their programs up and running.

Of course once those Google AdSense enabled and enhanced web sites are up and running it is important to follow up and make sure those pages are providing the results you want. When doing this follow up, however, it is important to exercise patience, since it will take some time for the search engines to find your site and serve the proper ads. In most cases it will take from between two to three months for this to occur, but after that it is important to carefully analyze the site to be sure that it is producing the highest possible level of AdSense revenue.

The good news is that Google itself provides participants in its AdSense program with a number of comprehensive tools designed to allow those program participants to determine the effectiveness of the ads hosted on their sites. These tools provide a quick and easy way for the owners of those web sites to determine how effective their ads are, and to easily view click through rates and other vital statistics.

These reports and tools can be extremely valuable tools for those who are seeking to make a part time or full time income using this powerful advertising tool. Google has created an incredible program in AdSense, and many of the participants in the program have continued to enjoy the enormous impact of this program. Using pre-formatted web site templates is a great way for the owners of those web sites to get their program off to a great start, and ongoing analysis can ensure that those sites continue to be optimized for maximum Google AdSense revenue.

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