Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Earning High As AdSense Publisher

by Partha Bhattacharya

I’m an Adsense publisher for over 2 years. Initially, I’d put Adsense ads in just about any place on my website as long as I felt that they ‘aesthetically’ fit in the pages.

Since I’m a fan of attractive banner ads, I used to look upon Adsense as unpleasant-looking intrusions in those days. But then shortly it dawned on me that to be not an active Adsense publisher is rather a foolish act for a website owner like me.

When I started their ads, I didn’t consider Adsense to be any different from other commercial ads. After awhile I realized where Adsense scores over others is the ability to know how the ads are performing in my website through detail statistics.

Okay, others do provide those stats, but somehow I’ve a nagging suspicion that in many cases, the figures shown are diluted to a great extent so that advertisers can escape paying affiliate charges.

This I feel is especially true for non-US sites if only because site owners from other countries have virtually no legal recourse to challenge those figures.

But there are other compelling reasons to opt as an Adsense publisher. Hundreds of articles and research have shown that viewers are more likely to click on simple text ads instead of image ads. Also, image ads create distraction, which many do not like and may therefore stop being shown in the browser.

But perhaps the 2 biggest advantages being an Adsense publisher are twofold.

  1. Only content-specific ads are displayed. This means Adsense will automatically and in real-time adjudge type and nature of content in a page, and will accordingly display the ads. This increases possibility of click-through because for a reader the ads are just like natural extensions of the contents they are seeing in the page.

    Agreed, this Adsense feature is available with scores of other similar ad providers, notably Yahoo!’s YPN and Microsoft’s adCenter. But what they appreciably lack is the vast repository of ads available with Adsense. This, according to me, is its single biggest advantage.

  2. Google AdWords is so popular that one gets to see ads from virtually every nook and corner of the globe. There are also local language ads available. The stock of text ads with Google is phenomenal.

    This means in my blog about the city of Kolkata where I live, I’m able to display Adsense ads that are specific to my Kolkata-related content. No wonder, as an Adsense publisher, my blog-site enjoys healthy click-through.

If these are reasons enough for you to become an Adsense publisher, more are in store if 2 recent developments are any indication. Article continues in author's blog-site.

Partha Bhattacharya is a long-time Adsense publisher He owns and runs Words2Content blog that focuses on writing, blogging and optimizing web contents. He also runs Kolkata Musing a blog on the city of Kolkata in India where he lives.

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