Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Adsense High Paying Keywords' not Working

by David Hong

Google Adsense is famous, everyone is using it to make money lately. People make websites with high paying keywords such as "mesothelioma," "student loan consolidation" and more. Then I hear many complaints about "my high paying keywords are not working on websites."

First of all, Google Adsense is not stupid. They are not going to let you have $30 -$40 per click on websites with nothing but adsense. You cannot just put a single paragraph article that doesnt even target the keyword and expect to earn great adsense money.

Here is the solution, You need CONTENTS. Google Adsense loves contents. Do not just get random free articles from websites and put it on yours. That's not going to work! Pick a topic that you know of. Research the topic and find high paying keywords within the topic. Then write about it. You can put articles about the topic too. At last make sure you update your content. I usually update mine every week. This will make Google Adsense to send robots to your website and index the content on Google's pages.

Now, If you're really lazy like me or do not have very good writing skills then you should try Adsense Gold. It is the product that will bring you big bucks. The Adsense high paying keywords targeted contents are awesome. Very rich contents. Adsense Gold also shows you where to place the Google Adsense ads. The best Adsense guide. It is simply the best Google Adsense profit booster. Try Adsense Gold on your websites.

Quick Tips: In order to post the Adsense ads that you want, make sure to put high paying keywords related to contents, on your website title. Also on the meta tag, keywords, and description.

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