Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wine-ing About Adsense and Affiliates

by Daniel Kitts

This article is about wine reviews but really applies to the condition of the internet in general. Or, should I say the monetization of the internet in general. I guess the thing hardest for me to overcome is the sense of loss I am experiencing. As an early user of the internet, I have become accustomed to finding good reliable information on every subject imaginable. I love the internet. I love the fact that it has enhanced my professional and personal life with everything from weather reports to wine reviews. Therefore, the loss of independent information so plentiful on the internet a short time ago really hurts. Obviously, the keyword in that last sentence was independent.

Google, which enhanced the search function I use everyday and made information much more reachable, has now given us the gift of Adsense. To all of you non-internet marketing folks, Adsense is that list of company links under the term "Ads by Google". You see when someone surfing the net clicks one of those ads Google and the website owner make money. The company sponsoring the ad provides the payment and Google shares it with the site owner. It sounds innocent enough, but the impact to the internet of this program and similar ones provided by others is devastating. Because, now the website owner wants you to click on the ad so he makes money. This fact has totally changed the motivation behind creating websites and is now bloating the internet with low quality content and websites, created for the sole purpose of advertising revenue generation. Have you noticed how search results from all the engines have become clogged with single page sites with nothing but ads? This is the gift of Adsense.

Now as bad as Adsense is, Affiliate advertising is worse. Have you ever been to a site that has provided a review of a product or service? Now let me guess, that nice website owner gave you a link to the site where you can purchase this product or service. How convenient. In reality, the website owner receives a portion of the purchase price if you purchase at that time. What you may have thought was an independent review is actually a concerted effort to get the reader to purchase a very specific product which benefits the owner of the website containing the innocent looking review. Moreover, websites don't disclose that they receive income from your purchase and chose to disguise themselves as independent and unbiased in their recommendation. I really don't like being deceived and I feel that websites publishing content that appears to be independent and unbiased, but receive a commission on the sale have wholeheartedly embraced the art of deception.

Having said all this, there are countless quality websites working very hard to provide independent and unbiased content remaining on the internet. And, in my own small way, to further support unbiased and independent web based information. I have created a website which provides independent reviews of affordable (under $20) bottles of wine. Moreover, this information is available without a subscription of any kind. That's right, free unbiased reviews on affordable wines. Rest assured though, I am amply compensated. You see, I get to do all the research.

Adsense and Affiliate Sales will continue to shape the internet. These programs and the changes they have spawned, make it essential that the information surfer be aware of the manipulative efforts being employed on the internet. Surfer beware!

To look at some wine reviews stop by

Daniel Kitts works at marketing and sales for Storm Copper Components Co. a fabricator and distributor of copper sheet products.

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To look at some wine reviews stop by

Daniel Kitts works at marketing and sales for Storm Copper Components Co. a fabricator and distributor of copper sheet products.

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