Friday, May 18, 2007

Adsense Scams and Scandals - If Only You Would Have Known

Yes, I know how important it is to be successful in any online endeavour. The freedom one is granted from entrepreneurial pursuits, fruits and riches is unparalleled to the droning monotony of a nine-to-five rat race. I know if I had the ability to work a few lethargic hours a day, then go for cruises in my big fresh lambos yachts and speedboats, I would finally be living the dream. I would also have more time to spend with family instead of getting whipped repeatedly at the local cheese factory (not kidding!). But I truly know that where there's a will there's a way. It is fully possible for you to have piles of cash acquired through one fraction of work.

Time and time again we've seen outrageous, outright ridiculous schemes to make you cash. It has been everything from selling products door to door, to wagering tens of thousands of dollars on an insider stock tip. We've seen examples of people attaining wealth through these desperate measures,usually on television or on the radio. But the real question we must ask ourselves when reading the next brochure or informational video is "who is REALLY being made an example of here?". I've bought into so many frauds my head is still spinning and my wallet is still reeling. It almost makes you wonder if all they want is your personal info. Most of them just want your credit card. These people are clever at delivering their own branded version of reality. Consistently I wanted to find the good heart in them. But the deceit took its toll. One day I can't describe, I lost it for the last time. I needed to find a surefire tested method which could actually outline a legitimate way to generate wealth. I cut through all of the get rich quick Adsense scandals and discovered the buried bounty. I will tell you exactly what that is in a minute.

Deep in the catacombs, surrounded by shadows, I managed to infiltrate the underground investment mafia. What I found was shocking. I would pose on message boards as a high level partner looking to capitalize on new ventures. These front men loved the publicity garnered from such notorious postings and would often boast how easy it is to sucker people. By that time the information was pouring in by the bucket loads. But I knew there was more. So I pushed. Eventually I gained top secret access to their software and source codes. After weeks of dissimenating line after line and perusing every section of their member's section I came to many startling conclusions. For one, there was just a lack of any intuitive control. I was given outdated links, I was redirected to other scandalous pages and I saw they took sick pleasure in not responding to e-mails for support. These gangsters didn't even have an FAQ or help area. I felt so utterly hopeless.

My sharp senses told me never to give up. It actually turned out to be quite an ironic situation. I would get their e-mails all the time asking me to take advantage of their bonus offers and dish out more dough. The funniest thing was, while sorting all of this con artist information they fed me relentlessly, I stumbled upon a few select elite who took the time to show me offers I couldn't refuse. These were solid packages that totally cut out the bologna and brought on the riches.

These devoted individuals were once starving for moneymaking opportunities like most that wish to work at home. Somehow they had seen the light. There was nothing flimflam about the member section. Every aspect for success was nailed down and arranged like a hit list for doing worthwhile home business. The beauty of it all was that following the outline required only perseverance coupled with a fairly short routine amount of time. I had truly hit pay dirt. The mother load was finally in my grasp. But don't let me wallow in the spoils for too long! Check out the number one site I discovered below. One day you may wish to pat my shoulder.

What you are about to gain privileged access to should cost thousands obviously since they offer so much through engaging tech support from a dedicated crew. Let me tell you, that is furthest from the truth. The prices are EXTREMELY reasonable. But as of late I have received confirmation that they may up the price or pull the product off altogether due to such high demand. That is the nature of such highly valued systems like The Adsense Manifesto

That narrows it down to two fair warnings of which I must leave with you. One, do not try ANY other Adsense program besides this one. I have just saved you months of frustration. Secondly, don't say I didn't warn you that following this system to the DOT would produce absolutely phenomenal income in a reasonable amount of time. Here's a toast to your road to riches and keep my wisdom close at hand.

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Richard Talliman

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