Saturday, May 12, 2007

How To Increase ecpm On Google Adsense Ads To Make More Money Online With Blogs And Websites

Lately, I’ve noticed a discussion in the blogosphere about the low payouts for Google Adsense ads. Bloggers are complaining that the ecpm (the average amount of income you get for every one thousand impressions of your ads) on Google’s Adsense ads are too low. For the majority of bloggers, the ecpm is under $1. I agree - one dollar for every one thousand impressions is way too low.

That’s why I’m more than happy with the results on my website. My site has an ecpm of well over $10. I’m earning over 1000% more than the average blogger. What’s my secret? I really don’t have a secret; it’s more about the target audience of my website. My target audience is non-internet-savvy users. Those are the types of visitors that are more likely to click on an ad. People that read blogs, on the other hand, tend to be other bloggers, for the most part. And, bloggers tend to be blind to internet ads. That means they don’t click on Adsense ads or any other ads for that matter (including banner ads and video ads).

So, if you have a website (or blog) that has a target audience of non-internet-savvy visitors, you can earn multiple times more money. That means, don’t write a blog about SEO, a blog about how to make money online, or a blog about blogging. Those are the types of blogs that attract other bloggers and bloggers don’t click on ads. You can write about a topic that is of interest to a general audience, or a niche non-internet related topic and you’ll earn more money. That’s how you make money online!

My website is not a blog. It is a free sales lead generation site for business professionals. Business professionals create profiles on my site to receive leads. Here are a few examples:

Mike provides van delivered first aid in Tempe, Arizona.
Nicole provides a SAFE security systems in San Ramon, Claifornia.
Ryan provides a mobile DJ service in Brookfield, Illinois.

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